2015 IRCHA JAMBOREE Pre-Registration Is Now Open!! @rcheliresource.com

International Radio Control Helicopter Association Has Opened the Doors for Pre-Registration.

If you haven’t experienced this event, then you are missing out on a 24/7 Helicopter madness held at the Academy of Model Aeronautics in Muncie, IN from Aug 5th thru the 9th. IRCHA had over 1200 registered pilots, and over 75 specific vendors to make this event a must for any curious, and seasoned pilots alike. This event is a great place to meet and greet all the folks you know through the year either online, or at your local flying field. Either way this is a great place to talk helicopters and learn pretty much anything you wish from many speakers, and demo flights that will blow your mind.

It’s that time again to either bring the wife, or let her know its time to take a break from the real world and experience and event that will keep bringing you back year after year. This year is expected to be the largest event to date, and will provide entertainment for the whole family just about every hour of the day/night.

Expected this year will also be a FPV X Racing section just for the guys that like the cross platform of helicopters, and Multirotors. Test your skills as an FPV pilot on a course specifically setup for FPV racing. There will also be a separate event for the Speed Cup for all you speed freaks! Both the FPV racing and the Speed Cup will have registrations to be able to participate in these events.

Register- rent that golf cart- bring your game, and I will see you guys there!!

Pre-Registration for IRCHA 2015 is simple just click here.

For information on the event itself click here.



Cre: Jim T. Graham @ rcheliresource.com

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