How to Shoot Drone Video- Legally

Drone video is one of the fastest growing segments in the commercial drone market. While federal drone regulations depend upon getting commercial authorization, the local and state regulations being passed can make it almost impossible for drone video operators to ensure that they are filming legally.

In addition to the usual “know before you fly” regulations about not exceeding altitude limits or flying over prohibited areas or near airports, there are specific state regulations that prohibit flying over private property, taking pictures of people without permission, or prohibiting flight near certain events or types of buildings.  In addition, some states prohibit flight that might be perceived by a property owner as “peeping tom” activity.

The team at AllDigital, a leading provider of video workflow platforms, has developed an infographic to clarify the mess.  The team points out: “This isn’t meant to be legal advice, just a heads-up for all the little details you must take into account when shooting commercial footage with your drone.”


Cre: Miriam Mcnabb

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