Lynx Heli Innovations OXY 3 Qube (3 Head + 3 Tail Blade)

The new OXY 3 Qube gets a makeover with a new 3 bladed head/tail system.


The "CUBE" system gives the pilot the opportunity to benefit from the stability and performance you get from 3 bladed systems like faster roll rates, and better tracking during forward flight. You can also purchase this system as an upgrade for your current 2 bladed head/tail.


  • Heli is designed for intense 3D performance.
  • Ultra rigid frame.
  • Triple main shaft supports.
  • Quality injection molded plastics parts.
  • Lightweight, high visibility and high-end airbrushed canopy from Canomod.
  • Autorotation integrated into main gear hub.

Cre: Neal Davis @

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