SAB Goblin 380 Kyle Stacy Edition

With the addition of the 3 bladed head, the Goblin 380 will track better in fast forward flight.


A new baby is born in the line of KSE helicopters. The SAB Goblin 380 KSE edition is the newest of this growing family. First they came out with the KSE 700, second the KSE 570, and now the KSE 380. The new KSE 380 has most of the upgrades that are included in the larger KSE models, but has minor changes that complement the size of the 380.

SAB decided to go with the similar DFC design on the 3 bladed head, rather than the heavy duty HPS3 that is on the larger birds. The tail pulley gear ratio was slightly reduced due to the extra load from the main rotor head. This speeds up the tail to compensate for the extra load. They also went with a more traditional style landing gear in this version. KSE yellow and black color scheme matches right up with it's bigger brothers, and now makes this one happy family.

This kit also comes with 3 carbon main blades, and a set of carbon fiber tail blades.


  • 3-Blade Main Rotor Head
  • SAB Blackline 3D Carbon Fiber Main Blades (3)
  • Backlash free Tail Rotor.
  • Easy access battery rails.
  • Traditional carbon landing gear.
  • Yellow/Black airbrushed carbon canopy.

Cre: Neal Davis @

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