What's coming next from Oxy Heli!

OXY Helicopters – What’s Coming?

Oxy Helicopters is a new kid on the block selling helicopter kits, but they have a long history of quality helicopter upgrades in the heritage of Lynx Helicopter Innovations.

The Oxy3 has been amazingly successful, so it makes sense that Oxy and Lynx produce some exciting products around this helicopter.

Oxy3 3 blade head

First we have a 3 bladed head for the Oxy3. This is both a performance upgrade, as well as a way of really customizing your Oxy3 so it stands out in the field!


Oxy3 3 blade tail

Next we have a 3 bladed tail! The really interesting thing about this tail system is it makes a very smooth helicopter even smoother! This is the first time I have seen this with a 3 bladed tail system, and it works amazingly well.



Oxy3 Speed!

Many people love pushing their Oxy3 hard – really hard! And some like to go fast – really fast! So Oxy will soon release a speed fuselage for the Oxy3. This will improve visibility in flight, and decrease drag so your Oxy3 will go fast!



Oxy3 Tareq Edition

Not many details on this yet! But it is coming! This will be a stretch kit Oxy3 out of the box (with 285mm Zeal blades), with all alloy parts, anodized in racing orange!


Well, of course there will be an Oxy2! This will be a super lightweight (around 280g RTF!) heli running 190mm blades. There will be a 210mm stretch kit! Look out for more details on this heli soon!

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