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$12.00 $10.99 Curved Tip Ball Link Pliers (Black/Yellow) HR1033 [HR1033]
Date Added: Friday 05 March, 2010 by Aleksandr
Very bad pliers. Order them for my Hurricane 550 and the opening is waty too big for H550 balls even it it's said that opening is around 4.5 mm and H550 ball is 4.8 mm. In fact, opening on those pliers is larger that 5 mm, and opening for ball link installation is of the same size, while this shall be actually around 3mm. Pressure tip (which pushes the screw of the ball link) is offset to the right side and don't press the screw. Bottom part is too thick to fit between linkage and frame.

Totally useless, low quality with wrong dimension pliers. Better get brand ones.
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