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About the Event

HeliDirect is proud to be chosen as one of the authorized partners for the DJI New Pilot Experience Training Program. These free events serve as an introduction to the DJI Phantom and are designed to expose first-time pilots to the techniques needed to become a safe and capable pilot. Following a 1-hour classroom session, participants will head outdoors to get some hands-on flight experience with a Phantom, under the guidance of an experienced instructor. At the end of the event, attendees will have a chance to win a special offer on a new Phantom 3 Professional. The Key Takeaways from this event are:

  • Brief introduction to DJI
  • Explanation of the Phantom's outstanding features
  • Introduction to the pre-flight checklist and safe operation procedures
  • Basic flight control and maneuvers
  • Post-flight debrief

Click HERE to download our New Pilot Experience Guide.