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EP Buddy EC3 Parallel Board - 40A XH V3 (4 Batteries)

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Product Note: This parallel board is advertised as a "V3" model, but may arrive with a "V2" stamp upon the product. Please note that this is a manufacturer print error, and this parallel board is truly a V3 model.

EC3 40A Safe Parallel Board - The Ultimate in Rapid Charge Times

Take flight in a 1/4 of the time with the EC3 Safe Parallel Board, allowing the capability to charge up to (4) of your EC3 equipped batteries in quick succession.

Constructed with 3 ounces of copper, this parallel board supports up to 40A of continuous power, protected by resettable switches to prevent shorts. Further, the parallel board also utilizes automotive fuses to protect the board and your batteries - a quick & easy fix that can be found just about anywhere, if a fuse were to trip during the charging process.

Designed to be used with all manners of balance chargers, this board allows the user to charge (4) EC3 equipped batteries, saving significant time when it comes to charging. Further, this board can be "daisy chained" to another similar board, allowing up to (6) batteries to be charged at once for the ultimate in rapid charging times.

How Does Parallel Charging Work?

By connecting multiple batteries of the same voltage (let's say 4 3S 11.1V 2200mah batteries), you are able to charge these batteries together as (1) battery. With parallel charging, the voltage remains the same (in this case, 3S 11.1V), whereas the mah of the batteries is multiplied. So, if we have (4) 2200mah 3S 11.1V battery, we will be inputting the values into our charger like this - 3S 11.1V 8800mah. As you see, the voltage has remained the same, but the mah has been multiplied to 8800mah, as 4 x 2200 = 8800.

Now that you know the correct voltage and mah to input into your charger, you can use this information to determine the charge rate. If the charge rate is 1C, utilizing the common formula of dividing the mah by a factor of 1000, we come up with a number of 8.8, which would mean that at a 1C charge rate, we would set the charger to 8.8A of power.


(1) EC3 Safe Parallel Board w/ Balance Output Lead and 4mm Universal Banana Plug Adapters


* Charge (4) EC3 Batteries at Once
* 2S 7.4V - 6S 22.2V Capable
* Resettable Fuses
* Automotive Style Main Fuses for Battery Protection
* 40A Capable Amperage Load


JST / XH Batteries w/ EC3 Connectors


It is paramount that only the same voltages of batteries are use while parallel charge, such as (4) 11.1V batteries - NEVER mix differing voltages of batteries, as this will cause a failure. You may, however, charge differing mah batteries n- this will not cause any issue during charging.


When charging in parallel, it is best to be sure that the batteries being charged are close in overall voltage. Charging multiple batteries that are far out of balance with each other can limit the batteries potential and shorten battery life.


Additional Info

Max Input Voltage No
Min Input Voltage No
Max Discharge Power No
Max Charge Power No
Max Charge Rate No
Li-Po/Li-Ion Battery Support No
Li-Fe Battery Support No
Ni-Mh/Ni-Cd/Pb Support No