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FUC-MCSP02 FUSUNO FUC-MCSP02 Composite Canopy Mcpx style SPEED1
  • FUC-MCSP02 helicopters/canopies__fuselages/canopies/blade_helicopter/fusuno/mcpx_bl//FUC-MCSP02a.jpg1
  • FUC-MCSP02 helicopters/canopies__fuselages/canopies/blade_helicopter/fusuno/mcpx_bl//FUC-MCSP02b.jpg1
  • FUC-MCSP02 helicopters/canopies__fuselages/canopies/blade_helicopter/fusuno/mcpx_bl//FUC-MCSP02c.jpg1
  • FUC-MCSP02 helicopters/canopies__fuselages/canopies/blade_helicopter/fusuno/mcpx_bl//FUC-MCSP02d.jpg1

FUC-MCSP02 FUSUNO FUC-MCSP02 Composite Canopy Mcpx style SPEED

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Product description

Fusuno offers a very affordable price, beautiful and high quality canopies at very attractive price. This is the completely new shape canopy which is constructed of high quality new Composite. This canopy is specifically designed to fit well on the MCPX. Please note that this canopy can't be customized.

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This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 04 September, 2013.
Part & Accessory

This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 04 September, 2013.

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