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Lynx - 180CFX - Lynx Stretch - Combo

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Lynx Heli Innovations is always looking toward new ideas and solutions that really do something… and we propose a “Stretch Kit” to grow your 180CFX.

Lynx 180CFX stretch kit has 180 mm Main Blades and longer Tail Boom parts.

IMPORTANTR NOTE: Lynx 180CFX Stretch Kit can fly with standard 160 mm Main Blade to increase the tail authority, but for the best performance we recommend longer main blade 180 mm.

We suggest Head Speed between 4500 - 5000 and then later increase following your need.

Increased rotor disk will change heli behaviors, adjust your FBL Gyro Cyclic Gain P.I.D and F in order to get your favorite feeling.

Use advance 180CFX FBL set up menu to know how to change your cyclic gain.


Lynx upgrade design: the new frontier of innovative, lightweight and high precision upgrade parts for your helicopters..


- Lynx introduce the innovative stretch kit for your 180CFX

- Tail boom system parts that supports new stretch need.

- Direct replacement and improvement for your 180CFX.

- Incredible big size feeling, increased visibility and fly precision.

- Optimized lightweight design.

- Optimized extended tail boom support design that increase tail boom rigidity

- Optimized Torque bearing support position to eliminate harmonica vibes.

- Design assisted by FEA (Finite Element Analysis) to achieve light weight and maximum strength.



1 x Set Lynx Carbon-Plastic Main Blade 180 mm – Stretch – Black

1 x Set Lynx Plastic Tail Blade 36 mm – Orange Neon

1 x 180CFX Stretch Tail Boom

1 x 180CFX Stretch Ultra Torque Shaft

1 x Set 180CFX Stretch Tail Boom Support - Silver

1 x Set 180CFX Stretch Tail Push Rod with CNC Guide Support