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Night Magic Blades 425mm 32 LED's Red / Green

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  • They are able to draw picture, text and animation in range from 50 to 3500 RPM (revolutions per minute)
  • The capacity of the blade memory is up to 240 graphic images.
  • The rotor blades do not require any special additional connection wiring or any electronic upgrade
  • The synchronization, controlling, power and lighting electronic are already inserted inside of the blade
  • The rotor blades are comprised of 32 bright LED’s (pure red on the upside, pure green on downside and one white LED at the end of the blade for marginal circle light)
Product package includes:
  • Upside 325 / 425 and 470 mm blade with 32 bright red LEDs and one white LED on the end, LiPo battery, controlling electronic
  • Downside 325 / 425 and 470 mm blade with 32 bright green LEDs and one white LED on the end, LiPo battery, controlling electronic
  • Infrared transmitter IRT2 with 300 mm wire and servo connector
  • USB Dongle v0.4 with automatic blade LiPo battery charger
  • Three switch ON jumpers (one spare)
  • Printed instruction manual v2.1

Installation and use of Night Magic Blades is very user friendly. Just mount blades in a standard way to your helicopter. Attach infrared transmitter IRT2 on the tail pipe of your model with zip tie and connect it to battery or helicopter receiver. Direct the infrared transmitter IRT2 to second LED of the blade counting from blade root. The synchronization sensor is built in to bottom side of the blades. To turn on blades, just put attached jumpers to the first two pins of blade connector counting from root. Here is link to video tutorial with how to do it.

Night Magic Blades are factory supplied with example images recorded in the memory blade, the entire installation of your new Night Magic Blades will not take more than two minutes and you can fly.


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