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Ray's Nitro Helicopters and eCCPM - Volume 10-12

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This is the most influential DVD series you'll ever see! We've made nitro helicopter setup and flight trimming as simple as it can be, because we answer all the "why" questions, then show you the "how." No matter what your level of experience, this DVD series explains the steps necessary to set up and flight trim your nitro helicopter like an expert! While we use Align R/C's T-Rex 600N and Futaba's 10C radio for the examples, the information is totally applicable to any nitro helicopter and any radio. Like all of Ray's DVDs, he shows you the theory, then implements it through the examples. When you truly understand the "why" of helicopter setup, you can set up ANY radio and ANY machine!

Nitro Helicopters and eCCPM includes:

· VOLUME 10: Transmitter Theory (1 hr. 42 min.; 38 scenes)

This disk goes through every item in the transmitter menu. After an overview of theory for each menu item, the "armchair" settings are punched into the transmitter. These are the points, curves, and program mixes that can be programmed before you ever work with the helicopter.

Scenes 1-9: Introduction

  • TX Overview Basic Menu Power Mode Parameter Model Aux Channel Timer Trainer

Scenes 10-18:
Logic Switches

  • Servo Monitor D/R & Expo Endpoints Sub Trim Servo Reverse Trim Trim Theory Throttle Cut

Scenes 19-27:
Swash AFR • Failsafe • Normal Thro/Pitch • Advanced Thro/Pitch • Thro/Pitch 5 Pts. • Thro/Pitch 7 Pts. • Norm Thro/Pitch 10C • Aero Thro/Pitch 10C

  • Why 38% & 62%?

Scenes 28-36:
The Bottita System • Norm Thro Curves • Aero Thro Curves • Gyro Sense • Revo Mix • Throttle Hold • Hov Thro/Pitch • Pitch Trimmers • Offset & Condition

Scenes 37-38:

  • Gov/RevMax


· VOLUME 11: Building Tips & Bench Setup (1 hr. 44 min.; 33 scenes)

Once the "armchair settings" are finalized on the beginning of this disk, Ray dives into building tips and radio installation details. After this, the Bench Setup begins. Because of all the groundwork covered in the first disk (the "why"), the Bench Setup (the "how") is pretty simple and straightforward. The main "unknowns" are finding the throttle servo endpoints, the amount of collective pitch the machine has to offer, and setting up the tail rotor and gyro.

Scenes 1-9: Gov TX • Throttle Mix • Program Mix Theory • Throttle Needle • Program Mix Setup • Canopy/Rotor Head • Washout Hub

  • Non-Driven T/R Side Frames

Scenes 10-18: Fuel System • Engine/Clutch • Tail • Radio Installation • RevMax • Cooling System • Setup TX Curves • Leveling Servo Arms

  • Sub Trim

Scenes 19-27: Servo Mechanical Limits • Servo Reverse • Flybar Lock & Cyclic Throw • Level Swashplate • Cyclic & Collective Limits • Level Arms • Collective Range • Bottita System Revisited

  • Level Swashplate

Scenes 28-33: S/P Tilt for Translating Tendency

  • TX Pitch Curves Check for Binding Throttle Setup Tail Rotor Setup Gyro Direction


· VOLUME 12: Flight Trimming (1 hr. 29 min.; 22 scenes)

Volume 12 finishes the Bench Setup by showing how to set up the RevMax. After a quick overview of the transmitter, it's out to the field! Ray takes his T-Rex 600N (that's never been flown) and has it flying far better than his ability in only three tanks of fuel! As proof, he hands over the machine to a talented young pilot (Kyle Dahl) and lets him wring out the machine! After viewing this disk, you'll know the major things to look for as you sequence through the flight trimming process.

Scenes 1-9: RevMax Setup • TX Recap • Range Check • 100% Throttle to 88% Throttle • Fuel/Muffler/Gyro • Needle Valve and Break-In

  • Throttle Linkage and Idle First Start Blade Tracking

Scenes 10-18: Hover Trim Adjustments • Gyro Adjustments • Throttle Hold/Autos • Throttle for Aerobatics • Aerobatic Throttle Changes • Loops and Rolls • RevMax Threshold • Dahl Introduction

  • Throttle Changes for Kyle

Scenes 19-22: Kyle 4th Tank

  • Kyle 5th Tank Tank 5 Comments Closing & Credits