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SAB Goblin 500 Sport Helicopter White/Red Kit

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New Updates Include:

 #1: New Swashplate Set V2 / H0477-S
This new swashplate set is of a new design, which allows the main blade linkage rods to detach easier in a crash, providing a better chance at saving your servos & servo gears.

#2: New CNC Delrin Main Gear / H0423-S

This new CNC delrin main gear is stronger and smoother, alliowing the transmission to operate in a smoother / quiter fashion.


G507 - Gobin 500 Sport White/Red

After the excellent success of Goblin 500, SAB introduces the Goblin 500 Sport Edition!
  • Total design change, drawing from the lineage of the Goblin 380
  • Ability to use medium and full-size servos
  • 2 sets of main blades
  • 2 sets of tail blades
  • The structural plates are now made of a plastic material (Zytel 70G33L), equalling a reduction in weight of 48g
  • Main gear CNC H0423 (aluminum/delrin) in the basic kit
  • New swashplate with high quality spherical bearing
  • Landing gear with extra width
  • Boom obtained with different technology, equalling a weight reduction of 25g

General Specifications:
  • Main rotor diameter: 1136 mm
  • Main blade length: 500mm
  • Tail blade length: 80mm
  • Weight including electronics: 1880 g (excluding batteries).
  • 18T motor pulley (included)

Electronic Specifications:
  • Cyclic Servos: Mini and Standard size (36 and 40mm)
  • Tail Servo: Standards size 40mm
  • Typical Speed Controller: 100A
  • Maximum motor size: 52mm diameter / 58mm height
  • Flight Battery: 6S 3300/4500 mAh; Battery Compartment: 50mm x 54mm x 180mm

Kit Includes:
  • 18T Motor Pulley (other pulley sizes available)
  • 2 Battery Trays
  • 500mm Main Blades (2 sets)
  • 80mm Tail Blades (2 sets)
The following motor pulleys are available:
  • 16T Pulley (P/N 0215-16-S) Ratio 10.33:1
  • 17T Pulley (P/N H0215-17-S) Ratio 9.72:1
  • 18T Pulley (P/N H0215-18-S) Ratio 9.18:1
  • 19T Pulley (P/N H0215-19-S) Ratio 8.7:1
  • 20T Pulley (P/N H0215-20-S) Ratio 8.26:1
  • 21T Pulley (P/N H0215-21-S) Ratio 7.87:1
  • 22T Pulley (P/N H0215-22-S) Ratio 7.51:1
  • 23T Pulley (P/N H0215-23-S) Ratio 7.19:1
  • 24T Pulley (P/N H0215-24-S) Ratio 6.91:1

    All above motor pulleys are for a 6 mm motor shaft. Each pulley includes an adapter for 5 mm motor shafts. and effective design.JPG
  • Simple and effective design
  • HPS Head System

  • Dampened tail system for increased vibration tolerance
  • 100% full Carbon Boom (In White and Yellow color)
  • Double main / tail blade in the kits
  • CNC main gear
  • Main plate and servo support in technopolymer Zytel
  • Swashplate with commercial aspherical beraing away nylon screws.JPG
  • Landing gear
  • All servo sizes compatible
  • Battery tray
  • Break away Nylon screws


  • HM046 Carry Bag. Allows for safe transport and protects from minor bumps and scratches
  • Upgrade Landing Gear
  •  Swashplate Leveler
  • H0489-K HPS3 Head


Additional Info

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Kit Type Electric
Helicopter Sizes 500-size