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Taxes, VAT’s & Customs

Have questions about taxes, duties, customs, or other such fees? Look below for common answers regarding these matters. If you cannot find the answer to your question(s), feel free to contact us below!

General Customs Information

For all international orders outside of the USA, certain duty fees or customs fees may be required upon delivery of your order. Please understand that we have no control over any duties, taxes, brokerage fees, or other such customs fees, and cannot be held liable for any such fees, no matter what the situation may be.

Please know that we will do all that we are able to limit such fees for you in regards to customs, but please contact your local customs agent for further information, and be aware that certain shippers, such as FedEx or UPS, may apply higher taxes or brokerage fees, as these shippers often utilize their own processing agents for a quicker delivery.

If you receive your order and do not pay the required taxes, fees, duties or brokerage fees, the order will be abandoned at your local customs facility, and due to shipping fees and additional duty fees applied to us to return the order(s), we will not be able to make the return, and thus will not be able to offer any refunds, credits or otherwise. Please be very aware of all such fees & responsibilities regarding these matters, as once the package/order leaves our facility, we no longer have control over your order.


Q: I’m Located in the USA – Do I Pay Sales Tax?

A: If you are a resident of Massachusetts, local sales tax will apply to your order; for all other orders within the United States, no sales tax will be applied. Please note that although HeliDirect does not apply any taxes to orders outside of Massachusetts, your state of residence may apply certain taxes via out of state orders, or may require tax related information via orders outside of your state. Please consult your city, county and state tax rates to determine if your applicable sales or use tax.

Q: I’m an International Customer – Will I Pay Taxes on My Order?

A: Your order may be subject to local customs fees, duties, taxes or brokerage fees – as a customer, it is your responsibility to evaluate these possible fees, as HeliDirect bears no responsibilities for any fees, duties, taxes or brokerage fees placed upon your order, nor are we responsible for declared values via your order. HeliDirect cannot/will not be held responsible or liable for any duty, fee, tax, brokerage fee or otherwise, and will not issue any refund, credit or re-ship any item due to such fees.

Q: As an International Customer, How Can I Limit Duty fees or Taxes?

A: Shipping via USPS is often the best method for lower duty fees or customs fees, as shippers such as FedEx or UPS use their own customs agents to help speed along the delivery time of your order by limiting its time in customs, but this service comes at a cost – something HeliDirect is not responsible for.

Q: I Received My Order, and the Taxes are More than I Want to Pay – What Do I Do?

A: Some countries have very expensive customs fees or duty fees, and at times, the fees may be more than you expected for your order. We are sorry to hear about this, but it is the customer’s responsibility to be informed of such fees. If the order is refused, abandoned or the duty fees are not paid, HeliDirect will offer no refunds, credits, discounts or otherwise.

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