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TBS Circular Wireless 5.8 GHz Omni Skew Planar Wheel FPV Antenna

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If you fly with others on similar frequencies and want a way to avoid having your video signal scattered by the guy next to you, then mayb you should think about changing to a Right Hand Circular Polarised (RHCP) antenna setup.  This will go a long way to eliminate nasty interference from others running LHCP (Left Hand Circular Polarised) antennas

About these Antennas:

These antennas are second to none.  Tetsted and tuned from the factory, they will offer you at least 95% transmission power in the frequency range below.

They might cost a bit more than other antennas, but the performance is what you are paying for.  With a Skew on the plane, and the Helical on the ground, you will get perfect video at quite a considerable distance.

This circularly polarized omnidirectional antenna is ideal for use on both the Tx and Rx. Combined with another Skew Planar Wheel at the receiver offers coverage in all directions, with moderate range (around 2Km). Combined with a helical in the receiver provides around 6Km range.

The antenna are RIGHT Hand Circular Polarized, and us made of MIG wire coated with three layers of metal-free paint, and the weld is reinforced with epoxy. The mast is flexible, to protect the video Tx SMA connector in the event of a crash.

  • Skew Planar Wheel Antenna
  • 5645-5945 MHz
  • LEFT Hand Circular Polarized
  • SMA Male Connector



This is why these antennas are as good as we say they are.  No dodgy lengths to these lobes...



It has the typical omnidirectional radiation pattern, uniform at 360 ° in the horizontal plane, and with a radiation null in the axis of the antenna in the vertical plane. The nominal gain is 2.45dB.



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