Technical “How To” Guides

Technical “How To” Guides

Helicopters, by nature, are complex mechanical machines that simply don’t like to fly, so we hope these articles can assist you in your quest for flight!

Keep checking back via this section as we continually update more info, terminology, and other such updates, but note the below forums, which offer vast amounts of information that can be sourced as you begin your helicopter adventure.

Helicopter Forum Resources:

Looking for information on how to get flying? Still learning the ropes of this hobby? Here are some great articles that can help you get started!

Beginner’s Corner:

Which Helicopter Should I Start With? (Article Coming Soon!)
Helicopter Terminology (Article Coming Soon!)
My 1st Flight – Tips, Hints & Common Mistakes (Article Coming Soon!)
Life After a Coaxial (Article Coming Soon!)
Choosing a Good Charger (Article Coming Soon!)
Basic Battery Info – Do’s, Don’ts & Common Questions (Article Coming Soon!)
Do I Need a Simulator? (Article Coming Soon!)
My 1st Kit Helicopter (Article Coming Soon!)
Choosing the Right Transmitter (Article Coming Soon!)

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