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Note! Upgraded (3) bladed tail rotor is available free of charge via Velos while supplies last! In order to source this free (3) bladed tail rotor upgrade, you will need to register your aircraft via the below link and contact Velos for this free upgrade.

Registeration Link:

Velos 880 – Twice as powerful

** 850mm main and 137mm tail blades are included in the kit.

** 150 Pages color printed manual is included in the kit

Velos represents a breakthrough in RC helicopter design enabling performance unheard of in this size class. Traditional designs are limited by a single motor and ESC. This constrains them heavily in the cost/performance in this size class.  Velos takes a completely fresh approach that breaks through to a new level of performance with its innovative twin motor design.

The twin motor design enables the use of mid range 700 class power systems (5KW continuous/10kW peak), with modest speed controllers (120A – 160A).  Combined they provide jaw dropping 20kW performance on a 190cm (75in) rotor disk machine.  In addition, if one motor/ESC  fails the model can be safely landed under power.  High end motors and speed controls are not essential to get the most out of the Velos performance and reliability.

Key Features:

  -Twin motor/ESC design providing double the power and true redundancy.  The model still flies even in the event of a complete ESC or motor failure.  Breakthrough performance capability seamlessly integrating 2 700 class power systems

-15mm hollow hardened main shaft

-1.9 m (74in) rotor disk diameter

-Very high vertical CG with battery and motor placement.   Greatly enhances cyclic performance

-Ultra rigid 40mm diameter boom.  No extra boom supports needed.

-Twin dual stage power system

-Steel main gear and pinions capable of handling 20kW+ loads

-Ultra low part count modular frame design simplifying construction and repair

-Dual spindle head design maximizing effective RPM range allowing for independent blade movement

-32mm angular bearings supporting the main shaft.  Handles extreme axial and vertical loads created by the Velos flight envelope

-Very wide range of gear ratios enabling maximum flexibility for motor and cell count choice

-Quick removal of the boom .  Fits in even the most compact vehicles. Boom mounted servo makes removing and installing the boom very easy with no re-adjustment of endpoints.

-4 servo swash improving available torque for extreme cyclic loads in 3D

-3300mah to 5000mah LiPo compatible. Allows for a very wide range of configurations


  • Length: 1566mm
  • Main rotor diameter: 1900mm
  •  Height: 385mm
  •  Main blade length: 850mm (*Blades included)
  •  Width: 295mm
  • Tail rotor diameter: 360mm
  • Airframe weight:   Takeoff weight: ±9,5kg (5000mah packs)
  • Tail blade length: 137mm (*Tail blades included)
  • Main gear ratio: 1÷10.33 (variable motor pulley options.)
  • Tail gear ratio: 1÷5.60


Additional equipment needed to complete:

1x Flybarless unit with 4-cyclic servo (90-degree) support

1x Full range receiver 7ch or more

1x RX battery or BEC

4x Cyclic servos

1x Rudder servo

2x 700 class heli motors

2x HV ESCs 120Amp or more

4x 6s LiPo batteries( 4000- 5000mah)


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