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This high end micro size tail servo offers lightening fast speeds and it is 100% high voltage compatible. Ideal for micro class machines.


  • High Voltage
  • High Speed
  • Excellent Centering
  • Unique CNC Design
  • Compatible with Futaba type horns/arms
  • Light Weight
  • Operation Voltage: 6 - 8V
  • Weight: 20g (0.71oz)
  • Dimensions: 12x23x27 mm
  • Frequency: 760us/333hz
  • Gear Type: Metal
  • Motor Type: Coreless
  • Speed: 0.06 sec/60 @5V | 0.05 sec/60 @6V | 0.04 sec/60 @7.4V
  • Torque: 2.4 kg/cm (33.3 oz/in) @4.8V | 3.1 kg/cm (43.0 oz/in) @6V | 3.5 kg/cm (48.6 oz/in) @7.4V

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  1. In Stock SAB Goblin mini COMET (Black - Red) - SAB Motor & ESC Included SAB Goblin mini COMET (Black - Red) - SAB Motor & ESC Included

    SG284 - SAB Goblin mini COMET (Black - Red) (with competition motor, SAB ESC 60A)


    The fastest serial helicopter in it's category.

    The high performance, innovative design and pocket size deliver pure speed and pure fun the goblin way.

    Following the big Goblin Comet, the Mini Comet is incredibly nice in flight!

    Compete with your friends.... The Mini Comet is perfect for all kinds of RACEING, challenge your friends and yourself.

    The main modules including the main and tail rotor are based on the Fireball platform. This makes the mini Comet a model with excellent price performance ratio.

    For fun, for Speed, for HARD 3D it must be the Goblin mini COMET !

    Registered design 003738210-0001/0004

    General Specifications:

    • Mainrotordiameter: 626 mm
    • Mainbladelength: 280mm
    • Tailrotordiameter: 139 mm
    • Tailbladelength: 50 mm
    • Mainshaftdiameter: 5 mm
    • Tailshaftdiameter: 3 mm
    • Weight including electronics: 720g (excluding batteries)
    • Direct COMPETITION Motor included
    • SAB ESC 60Aincluded

    Electronic Specifications:

    • CyclicServos: Micro size 23mm
    • Tail Servo: Micro size 23 mm
    • Typical battery setup: 6S 1000/1250 mAh