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5 Wicked FPV Frames - And Why You Want Them.

5 Wicked FPV Frames - And Why You Want Them.
By Larry H. 3 months ago 5146 Views No comments

5 Wicked FPV Frames - And Why You Want Them.

The FPV racing & freestyle world has developed & morphed at an ungodly level, with change happening at a frightening level of speed. Nothing has been left untouched, with massive evolution's & revolutions regarding every segment of tech, allowing pilots to manipulate the laws of physics that even a GoPro will doubt when it comes to the playback footage.

Outside the massive paradigm shift in FPV electronics, FPV frames continue to evolve as well - and for good reason. Because smashing a quad into terra firma at high velocity typically does little good to just about anything, so survival of the fittest is a much needed requirement, along with innovative designs to push the envelope of FPV flight.

So, when it comes to FPV frames, we have listed five of our favorite machines in no particular order that stand out when it comes to design, capability and bat outta hell speed. In the end, it's all about picking your poison and pushing the outer limits of FPV insanity.

#1: Armattan Chameleon Ti - One Brutal Little Beast.

Designed with a titanium cage to protect the delicate camera that no doubt winces every time it sees the ground below, the Chameleon is designed to take maximum punishment, and Armattan even seems to dare its pilots with a lifetime warranty in doing so.

With 4mm carbon fiber components, dual foam pads for additional (and no doubt necessary) shock absorption, along with other bits of high strength titanium sprinkled about, the Chameleon sets itself apart as a hard headed FPV beast that is ready to shrug off that front end impact that will rattle your goggles at impact. And best of all, the design is simple & intuitive with all M3 hardware and a low parts count design, allowing ease of building and simplified electronics placement.

At $100.00 in cost, this frame only kit is no small chunk of change. But considering most high end FPV frames typical flirt with the $100.00 mark, that lifetime warranty and titanium cage may end up being the best insurance possible, saving you some much needed cash when you smack that tree at full tilt boogie.

#2: Sonic TrueXS 220 - Mach Level Speed. No Afterburners Required.

Designed in a synergistic collaboration between AstroX & FPV-Direct, the Sonic TrueXS was designed with hypersonic speeds in mind, shaving weight in every area possible with thinly profiled arms for goggle blurring speeds. And although very similar to the AstroX frames, this is not a re-branded clone with some fancy marketing hyperbole. Rather, the Sonic TrueXS has been purposefully modified in design to offer one of the best FPV experiences bar none, with a design layout that offers strength, style & some serious FPV speed.

Blinged out with some sweet anodized purple aluminum bits, the Sonic TrueXS utilizes high quality 3K carbon fiber with a "silky" touch versus traditional machined carbon fiber frames. What does this mean to you? Smooth edges, super precise hardware holes and less bleeding during the build. We call that last bit a bonus. Tie this in with a mystery package of goodies included with each kit, and it's just like Christmas when you open the box.

Ultra easy to build, light weight & incredibly strong, the Sonic TrueXS is a machine to be desired with some serious FPV pedigree. And at a price point of $89.99, it can be explained away even easier when it comes to that impulse purchase that you just have to make. Thank you, Visa!

#3: Hyperlite FLOSS 2 - FPV Speed with Ultimate Dental Hygiene.

An evolution of the original Hyperlite FLOSS V1, the FLOSS 2 steps it up with even greater strength, flexibility and building ease. And even though the ultra thin profiled arms could be used to pick some grub out of your teeth, the manufacturer steps it up and includes actual dental floss in the bag to keep the carbon bits out of your mouth. Now that will make your next cleaning a bit more fun, and certainly more practical as well.

Don't let the ultra thin arms fool you. With a 4mm thickness, they can take a proper beating. And with a 66g / 72g mosquito envy frame weight, the FLOSS 2 takes FPV insanity to epic new levels - all while offering new design features and capabilities that have only added 6g of fat from the ultra popular FLOSS V1.

If you're teeth are looking a bit grubby and you need some massive FPV speed, the FLOSS 2 is for you. Build it up with your favorite FPV bits and send the bill to your insurance company, because dental floss & FPV brilliance just makes you smile, and your monthly dental premiums should certainly cover it.

#4: RotorRiot Ummagawd Remix - Ultra Bling, FPV Brilliance.

Once you get past sounding like a valley girl when pronouncing "Ummagawd," the RotorRiot Remix brings some serious FPV capability, front and center. Designed with a concept of central mass location for the ultimate in optimal FPV balance, RotorRiot pushed hard to offer maximum balance for in flight perfection by modifying every aspect of a traditional FPV frame, leading to next level FPV brilliance.

Designed not only for epic levels of FPV flight, the Ummagawd Remix is ultra easy to work on with a bottom cover that opens up like a car hood for ease of access & repair. Replacing the arms are ultra easy as well, allowing quick and painless repairs when needed, combined with slotted arms for a tidy fit & finish when it comes to motor wire installation.

Did you say bling? RotorRiot ticked this box with epic style, adding in gold anodized aluminum just about everywhere. And with a carbon fiber / aluminum cage to protect your camera from being punched in the face via mother earth, the Ummagawd Remix is a tough little beast with multiple high quality touches that makes building, repairing and flying the ultimate in FPV pleasure. And with this much gold bling, you'll even be able to crash in style. Now that's some next level bling.

#5: Armattan Mongoose - Budget Level Brute.

Last but certainly not least, the Armattan Mongoose bullies its way through the crowd with a refined FPV style coalesced with heavy hitting affordability. At a price point of under $40.00, this beastly little frame takes the sting out of any crash, saving you serious cash at a third of the cost when compared to the majority of high end FPV frames.

Designed to be inexpensive, strong and ultra light in weight, the Mongoose tips the scales at a feathery 61g, allowing you to push the boundaries of FPV extremes. Combined with an ultra flexible design, multiple camera options & a top / bottom battery mount option, the Mongoose offers maximum flexibility with high strength, quality parts that seem near impossible when it comes to this budget level price point.

As with any extreme, compromise is the nature of the beast, and unlike all other Armattan frames, the Mongoose does not come with a warranty. But at a third of the cost, this is exactly the reason why Armattan was able to price the Mongoose at this epic level. Combine this with high quality components, ease of repair, and a super flexible build layout, the Mongoose sets itself apart in more ways than cash alone, and you can take that one to the bank. Seriously - you really can, because it's like $70.00 in savings.