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October 2018

TORQ CL0508 Micro HV Servo - TORQ Is Back.

By Larry H. 5 months ago 23600 Views No comments

After a lengthy hiatus away, the TORQ brand returns, offering a brand new Micro HV Servo that is ready to ratchet up the pressure on the micro servo market with some awesome high torque capability.

Perfectly suited for helicopters, jets, airplanes and beyond, the TORQ CL0508 steps into the fray with coreless motor technology for next level servo performance. Coreless motors act like an outrunner motor, offering higher levels of torque, smoother overall operation, and faster overall response time. Greater torque & speed are the most beneficial outcomes of this design, translating to greater levels of performance relating to the application at hand. And when push comes to shove, who doesn't want more power & speed?

Viper Jet 140 - Blink, And It's Gone.

By Larry H. 5 months ago 13860 Views No comments

Bat outta hell speed requires a very specialized design, and for those in search of the true quest of mach level thrills, the boys & girls at Harlock RC bring forth the Viper Jet 140 in all its stunning glory. Speed demons rejoice - your chariot has arrived.

Designed as an advanced pilots dream, the Viper Jet 140 is stunning in design and form, with its swept wing design, dual air inlets and a purpose built layout that is ready to scream with an EDF howl or a pure turbine roar. Pair this with a fully functioning retract system, and it's easy to see that every aspect of this machine was purpose built with full on scale functionality that is designed to thrill both on the ground, and in the skies above.