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Mikado VControl Touch - The iPhone of RC Transmitters?

Mikado VControl Touch - The iPhone of RC Transmitters?
By Larry H. 5 months ago 4253 Views No comments

RC transmitters have made monumental strides over the passing years, offering all elements of computerized control and integration as the RC hobby becomes more sophisticated and complex. And in the iPhone age of RC transmitters, Mikado steps up to the plate with one of the most sophisticated and beautiful setups on the market today - the revolutionary Mikado VControl Touch.

Gone are the days of endless scrolling and button pushing to access menu options & functions when setting up your machine. Utilizing a 5.8" color touch screen interface, Mikado brings forth ultimate programming ease, saving your digits from endless button pushes and scrolling while inputting the painfully complex name of your aircraft that you'll no doubt mistakenly delete by error, followed shortly by a fit of rage. However, a color touch screen interface isn't necessarily a "new" feature when it comes to modern day transmitters, as touch screen interface options have been available over the passing several years via multiple transmitter brands. So, what really makes this transmitter special, and why should you even care?

Entering into the iPhone era, the VControl Touch amps up the capability with WiFi functionality, allowing over the air transmitter updates, smart phone interaction, app capability, cloud functions and full web access - all directly via your transmitter. With direct access to the web via WiFi, endless doors are opened with ultimate functionality & simplicity that are literally "at your fingertips." In all honesty, shouldn't it be this way when nearly everyone on planet earth is carrying around a virtual super computer in their pocket? And once this capability is experienced, dependence upon a bulky & slow PC as your electronic interloper will become as archaic as that Razor flip phone that was "cutting edge" just a few short years ago.

WiFi functionality and touch screen aside, the VControl Touch pushes the electronic envelope and truly establishes itself as tech to be desired via its integration within the Mikado world. As with all manufacturers vying for dominance in the RC world, each brand has its own unique ecosystem of products, with each of these systems integrating themselves within a complex web of brand specific tech & capabilities. From Spektrum, Futaba, Jeti and beyond, every brand has something unique to offer, but Mikado has established itself as a force to be reckoned with when it comes to their VBar integration, luring pilots with a siren's song via a fluid setup functionality - direct via Tx interface.

Stepping into the Mikado sphere, the VBar is front and center in the heli scene with multiple levels of tuning and adjustments to adapt to the pilots whims when it comes to the way the aircraft flies, much like multiple other flight controllers of the day. However, it's the ability to adjust these settings direct via the VTouch Tx that changes everything, allowing direct pilot access to every function and feature - all without ever having to dig for a USB cable ever again. Add in data logging, ESC programming and full telemetry feedback, the VControl Touch offers a user experience second to none, with the ability to access and control the VBar and ESC directly via the transmitter, leaving your PC sulking in a dark and dusty office as you dial in your settings via a 5.8" color touchscreen interface.

As for cost, the VControl Touch stings a bit - or a lot, depending upon how much green subsides in your bank account. At a price of $1200.00, it's a pricey step into the high end transmitter game, and will no doubt limit the line of pilots screaming "shut up and take my money!" However, compared to color touch screen models of the past that soared beyond the $2k mark with a massive chasm in capability, the VTouch looks like a virtual bargain for the high end pilot looking to score some serious bragging rights at the field.

Beyond jealous glares and a vivid color touch screen that is truly iPhone Plus size, what really seals the deal for a transmitter of this caliber is the aspect that it is as future proof as tech can get these days. Sure, newer Tx's will debut down the road, but considering the entire interface is zillions of "ones and zeros," Mikado literally has a blank canvass to play with, allowing endless levels of updates, customization's and functionality to be integrated with a simple firmware update - all with the ease of Wifi simplicity.

And don't worry too much about your PC - if you ever need to read up on this Tx, you can fire up your PC beast and visit the Mikado website to read up on your new tech via PDF manual. Oh, wait - did we mention the VTouch has the manual built into the transmitter? Ouch. Poor, lonely PC...

Ready to make your purchase? As with any desirable & coveted device, it's a waiting game. The Mikado VControl Touch won't be showing up till June, but if you're really wanting to get in line for arguably one of the best RC transmitters to hit the market, pre-order now to help secure the 1st run of this ground breaking transmitter. Until it arrives, your PC will be happy to assist with any updates you need - as long as you remember where that USB cord went. Good luck with that.

Interested in the Mikado VControl Touch? You can order your very own by clicking here.