TORQ Servo - Performance You Can Feel.

TORQ Servo - Performance You Can Feel.

If you're in the market for high performance servos, you have a lot of options these days, with multiple brands vying for your attention when it comes to the optimal servo for you. And considering the servo is the direct connection when it comes to the control of your aircraft, choosing a high quality servo plays directly into the control feel of your machine, making this decision more important than you may realize when it comes to the tactile connection you feel at the sticks.

As for me, my current bird of prey is a seasoned Extreme Flight MXS, outfitted with some tried and true SAVOX SV-1250MG servos. At the time of build, servo choice hinged upon budget based performance, with a key emphasis on "budget." Considering my skill set at the time being semi thrilling on my best of days, I was not keen to spend much on servos at the time of build, reasoning that cash saved could be best applied in other avenues of life, versus a higher quality servo choice. As you have likely surmised, I was mistaken.

Don't get me wrong. The SAVOX servos in my MXS were actually quite decent, with respectable speed, decent torque and good centering, equating to a plane that overall flew quite well. However, after opting to spend a bit more on servos with another 3D plane of choice, I instantly noticed how smooth and connected I felt to this upgraded machine, and when compared to my MXS, things just didn't feel the same, with a noticeable lack of resolution and precision. Simplified, I was learning that servos were far more than a "fill in the blank" option with a budget centric approach. The payoff is real, and the in flight performance is truly worth the investment.

Enter the realm of TORQ Servo. Offering an array of servos for helis, airplanes and jets, TORQ servo are optimized for high speed, high torque precision, utilizing quality materials and components that are demanded of high performance applications. Sporting anodized aluminum cases with integrated fins to keep temps on the cool, TORQ servo outfits their servo line with high torque coreless and brushless motors, offering massive levels of output power via 6.0V - 8.4V input voltage. Furthered with high strength fully replaceable steel gears, TORQ servo keeps their servos in play if a servo rebuild is a required affair, making crashes slightly more bearable and far less costly.

Arriving well packaged with an array of included hardware, TORQ servo exude quality from every facet of their design, whilst including additional hardware and arms that are much appreciated with any build. Impressing me the most was the included aluminum KST servo arm. Having utilized these with a previous aircraft, I was familiar with their well engineered design, featuring an aft end clamp style hex bolt for maximum mechanical purchase. Since my MXS was already using Extreme Flight servo arms, these KST arms were not required for use. However, this included upgrade was a welcome addition to the TORQ servo packaging - a reflection of what you can expect when applying the array of TORQ servo to your machine at hand.

With double the torque and speed of my outgoing SAVOX compliment, the TORQ CL1208's were impressive in spec. However, what stood out the most was the butter smooth feel the TORQ servo offered, aided in part by a dual ball bearing design. Beyond this, the TORQ servo were far less talkative - nearly silent when compared to the constant servo chatter the SAVOX's emitted. Although fairly rapid in speed, the SAVOX servos were notchy in feel, with a lower resolution throw that translated negatively with in flight feel. Once the TORQ CL1208's were installed, my MXS exhibited a new, refined personality that could be sensed in every regime of flight. Control response was crisp and precise, with a glossy smooth feel that translated in the smallest inputs of every maneuver.

As I have done in the past, it's easy to dismiss marketing blither that often equates to nothing more than a lighter pocketbook at the end of the day. TORQ servo changes this dynamic by offering ultra high quality servos at truly respectable pricing, with performance and feel to back up the hype. Like me, I feel you will truly appreciate the quality and feel of the TORQ servo brand. Whether you fly helis, planes or high performance jets, TORQ servo offers the perfect servo for your application at hand, providing an ultra high quality servo solution at a price you won't want to ignore.


Arriving well packaged in an attractively laid out box, TORQ servos impress from the start.

Front and back, all specifications are listed, showing torque, speed, voltage and size.

Adding to the quality feel, TORQ servos are fully encased in foam packaging, making sure the servos arrive without damage.

One of the most impressive points of the TORQ servos was the included aluminum KST servo arm. This servo arm is very high in quality, featuring a hex bolt clamp design for excellent mechanical grip. Also featured is a spare servo screw for the servo output shaft (not pictured), making this hardware package very complete.

Pictured with the spare output shaft servo screw installed, this CL1208 mini sized servo displays the exposed coreless motor, which offers exceptional power & torque. Coupled with the CNC machined cooling fins for optimal thermal dissipation, the exposed coreless motor design further dissipates thermal loading for best overall performance.

Utilizing a CNC aluminum anodized case, TORQ servos are beautiful from every angle, featuring laser etched logos on all sides. Further, the aluminum case aids in thermal dissipation, helping keep temps under control.

Pictured in my 64" Extreme Flight MXS, the TORQ CL1208 provides epic levels of torque, speed and precision, with butter smooth operation. Replacing the previous set of SAVOX SV-1250MG servos, I felt an immediate difference in control feel and response, with a crisp, connected feel that added a distinct improvement in overall in flight performance.

Flying better than ever, my 64" Extreme Flight MXS now features (4) TORQ CL1208 Mini Servos, providing excellent levels of precision and control.

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