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MKS DS95 Micro Coreless Digital Servo


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my fbl 450 would eat 410m servo gears like crazy each crash. I have 3 crashes on these and so far so good.


The best servo for a 450 size heli. Fast, poweful and durable


I have had a tremendous experience with these servos. The MKS DS95 servo has tremendous crash resistance in my experience compared to, say, the Align DS410m which I literally have a small box of (all ruined by 450 crashes in, er, my learning stages). I switched all four of my 450s over to these servos on cyclic, with their brother, the MKS DS95i, on the tail, and have yet to have one break (despite, er, ongoing "learning" experiences). They are fast, very precise, and have no discernible slop. Good value for the money given their longevity compared to cheaper servos. Two thumbs up. TC


Nice servos when they work but crash ability is very poor. 8 flights in, First crashed the main gear in the servo sheared it self in half. Was not even a bad crash the align blades never broke, not even a scratch on the blades. My Hitec, JR 285MG, Coronas(really nice for the money), and older MKS servos centered just as well just not quite as fast, after many crashes with my other servos I NEVER BROKE ONE SERVO UNTIL NOW. Very disappointed with the DS95's.


Very good and fast servos.


I have been flying hard on these servos for 6 months now without a single problem. They are fast, accurate, and dependable. I would highly recommend these servos to anyone looking for the best and can afford them. You get what you pay for!


These are the best cyclic servos I have ever used seen or heard about. I installed these on my Rave 450 and my cyclic response became lightning fast with finite precision. A+++++


I finally got one of these servos to get a minor biff in the gears after numerous crashes and thousands of brilliant flights. I run custom high powered 6s and 12s 420 mm stretched 450s at high head speeds. Nothing out there is precise nor as fast. Nothing out there handles the extreme loads I place on my servos. I know, I have bags filled with the failed supposedly good ones in my parts drawers that others in various RC groups say worked for them. What a joke is all I can say. These are simply the Ferrari of all 450 class servos. Forget about the few whiners out there. If you crash, anything can break. But nothing, and I do mean nothing performs like these do in real life flying....