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TORQ CL0508 Micro HV Servo - Power, Performance & Pure Domination. Optimized for second to none power & performance, TORQ brings forth a micro servo that is ready & able to push the boundaries of the micro servo world.Designed specifically for high torque / high speed demands of helicopter, airplane &...

TORQ CL0508 Micro HV Servo - Power, Performance & Pure Domination.

Optimized for second to none power & performance, TORQ brings forth a micro servo that is ready & able to push the boundaries of the micro servo world.

Designed specifically for high torque / high speed demands of helicopter, airplane & jet based aircraft, the TORQ CL0508 Micro HV Servo utilizes coreless motor technology to obtain peak torque output, equating the TORQ CL0508 Micro HV Servo as one of the most powerful micro servos on the market today.

With a crushing torque rating paired with rapid transit speeds, the TORQ CL0508 Micro HV Servo is ready to exceed the boundaries of your next flight, with next level precision and resolution that can be felt at the sticks. Ready & waiting for high voltage applications, the CL0508 operates within a wide voltage range, providing peak torque & speed with 8.4V of power.

Constructed with fully replaceable high strength steel gears, the TORQ CL0508 Micro HV Servo utilizes a thermal dissipating 6061 aluminum case that is further aided in cooling via an exposed motor design. Optimized for extreme aircraft applications that demand incessant torque and power, the CL0508 provides ultra crisp control, with in flight tactile feel that can be seen and felt.

Step up to the TORQ CL0508 Micro HV Servo - pure performance & control for epic levels of servo domination.


- Engineered for High Performance Aircraft Extremes
- Specifically Designed for Helicopter, Airplane or Jet Based Applications
- Massive Levels of Torque & Speed
- Ultra Precise, High Resolution Precision
- Coreless Motor Design for Optimized High Torque Output
- Fully Replaceable Steel Gear Train for Maximum Strength
- Excellent Thermal Dissipation via 6061 Aircraft Aluminum Case
- 8.4V High Voltage Ready
- Dual Ball Bearing Design

Torque: (86.10 oz. in.) @ 8.4V (72.21 oz. in.) @ 7.4V (58.32 oz. in) @ 6.0V

Transit Speed:

0.07 sec. @ 8.4V
0.08 sec. @ 7.4V
0.09 sec. @ 6.0V


Dimensions: 23x12x27.5mm (LxWxH)
Weight: 20g
Operating Voltage: 4.8V - 8.4V DC
Working Pulse Width / Frequency: 1520us / 333Hz


The TORQ CL0508 Micro Servo has been optimized with coreless motor technology, providing epic levels of torque in order to meet the demands of any aircraft extreme. From 3D helicopters, aerobatic airplanes or high speed jets, the TORQ CL0508 Micro Servo is the perfect choice to exceed your aircraft limitations.


Speed is life. Designed for ultra rapid transit speeds, the TORQ CL0508 offers incredible speeds for absolute levels of control, making your next flight truly epic in every possible way. No matter what you fly, the TORQ CL0508 is ready and waiting to provide the ultra fast inputs for crisp response & incredible control.\


Designed with strength in mind to harness the ultra high levels of torque available, the TORQ CL0508 is optimized with a full steel gear train to provide the best levels of overall strength. Utilizing high strength steel gears helps stand up to crash damage for the best overall functionality when under the greatest levels of stress.


Servos are your direct connection to your aircraft, and precision & resolution are paramount to flight. Offering incredibly high levels of precision, the TORQ CL0508 Micro Servos will provide an ultra smooth, "locked in" feel to your aircraft for maximum levels of aerobatic control.


Heat is the ultimate enemy, and getting rid of it is critical for maximum levels of aircraft performance. Enclosed within a 6061 anodized aluminum case, the TORQ CL0508 servos dissipate thermal heat under high energy demands, allowing this micro servo to perform under intense stress, without fail.


Designed to maximize the highest ratings of torque & speed, the TORQ CL0508 is rated to handle unregulated 2S 8.4V LiPo power, taking full advantage of HV input power via receiver battery or BEC. With a wide operating voltage from 4.8V to 8.4V, the TORQ CL0508 servos will provide the power you need - when you need it the most.


Crashes happen, and even high strength gears can take a beating. No worries, though - with the TORQ CL0508, steel replacement gears are available, making it ultra easy to replace and maintain your servos, no matter what may happen in flight or on the ground. 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Great micro servos for both helis and airplanes

Still working great after 50+ flights. Fast and strong as expected. Good price point.

Doug M.
Great Servos for the money

I bought my first set for my Blade 450X rebuild and it was night and day compared to the stock servos. They survived a significant crash with no damage and continue to fly great, they are fast and HV. Bought a second set for a new OXY 3 build, very confident they won’t disappoint.

Clifford C.
Torq servos

i replace my bk servos do to lack of parts. So far these torq are working great have about 30 flights on my 420. Happy so far.

Joshua W.
Super Strong

Absolutely great servo for the $. Much improved over more expensive bk servos. Strongest micro Iv ever had. Iv got these in 3 helis and love them. Have not had one to fail yet or strip.

juan g.
Good but...

It broken at the fist crashed flight, I had to replace it. I like it is cheap.

Happy c.
Great servo

Centers great . Worked perfectly. Very happy with price and quality.

Mitch A.
Awesome servo

These have no slop are fast and quiet. Excellent servos!

Jimmy I.
Torq CL 0508 Servo

Great servos for the price. Nice metal housing and come with metal servo horns too!

Kenneth M.

These servos are ultra precise, very quiet, very rugged and a bargain at a price in the low $30's. I used sab servo arms on the Torq servos and they did a great job in stripping before my servo gears were damaged in my first crash. I am impressed with their ruggedness, unlike the BK micro servos which strip all 3 servo gears in a blade hit on the ground.

Kevin S.
Great Servos

Great Servos. I would not hesitate to purchase again.