David Westmorlan
Age: 39
Kennett Missouri, USA
I started flying RC Airplanes in 1994, and then went to primarily flying RC Helicopters in 2005. I still fly both, but my main focus is on the Heli side. I became part of Team JR and Team Helidirect in 2014.

2017 Utah Heli Bash
2016 Kennett, MO 3D Bash
2015 Kennett, MO 3D Bash
2015 Utah Heli Bash
2014 IRCHA
2014 Kennett, MO 3D Bash
2013 Yuma Air Show
2012 IRCHA
2012 Kennett Fun Fly
2011 Sikeston, MO Funfly
2009 Kennett, MO Funfly
2009 St. Louis Funfly
2008 Kennett, MO Funfly
2008 IRCHA
2006 Bolivar, MO Funfly
2006 Kennett, MO Funfly
2005 Kennett, MO Funfly
2005 Memphis Prop Busters Funfly