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  • Made of high quality glass material
  • Threaded Filter for easy installation
  • Protect Inspire 1 Lens
  • Variable ND Filter 2-400 equals to (1 stop to 8 2/3 Stops)
  • CPL Filter
  • PL Filter
  • UV Filter


Variable ND Filter 2-400 allow you to change how much light is stopped by simply turning the front of the filter from ND 2-400 which equals to 1 stop to 8 2/3 stops , You can adjust to reduce the bright light in large aperture situations when a narrow depth is field is needed.

UV filter is the multi-functional filter; it blocks UV light from entering the lens and therefore reducing blurring, haziness and blue casting. At the same time, it is a very useful tools to add protection to the lens against dust, moisture, scratches.

CPL Circular Polarising filter improves the overall image quality in a couple of ways. Firstly it increases colour contrast and saturation, for instance increases the contrast of blue skies. Secondly, it reduces reflections that are often seen when photographing water, glass and similar reflective surfaces. Circular Polarising filter ensures uniform light distribution; therefore maintain the sharpness and colour balance in images.

PL Polarizing filter or polarising filter helps you darken skies, manage reflections, or suppress glare from the surface of lakes or the sea .



Ring: Made of Aluminum alloy

Filter: Made of high quality Glass

UV Diameter: 36MM

CPL/PL/VARIABLE ND FILTER 2-400 Diameter: 37.5MM

Glass Thickness: 0.5MM



VARIABLE ND 2-400 9 Grams

CPL 6 Grams

PL 6 Grams

UV 3 Grams

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