All New Updates for the iKON2!

Always pushing the boundaries, iKON2 flight controllers now have access to all new capability & functionality via the latest iKON firmware update, allowing you to unlock even greater potential for the best flybarless system on the planet!

Free and feature packed, the iKON2 firmware update features the below updates:

Fuel Gauge Technology
No more guessing when it comes to power available throughout your flight. With the Fuel Gauge, you can push the limit of flight time to the very last second, all the while keeping your batteries in perfect health, no matter how hard you fly.

Low Battery Alert
Depending upon the compatibility of the transmitter in use, this feature alerts you when a discharged LiPo battery is connected to the aircraft, sparing the aircraft and battery from possible damage or failure.

Onboard Data Logging
Augmenting or replacing the data logging capabilities of the ESC in use, this new feature allows you to access multiple flights worth of data logging capability when no such options are offered via the ESC in use. From cyclic & collective inputs, this data will be logged within the iKON2, and depending upon transmitter capability, can be viewed via the transmitter in use for instant updates, or can be analyzed via PC.

Thermal Overload Protection
Protect your investment with real time thermal data. Monitor ESC temps and set the appropriate alarms to avoid unexpected ESC thermal shut downs and possible ESC failure. With this all new feature, you can push your heli to the max without the worry of thermal overload.

No Costs, No Extra Hardware Required
Simplified to the extreme, the above features require (1) single wire to connect the ESC to the iKON2, unlocking these amazing features. Simple & effective, this update requires nothing but the basics with no costs involved.

Supported ESC's

Upon release, the iKON2 supports the below ESC's for data logging & telemetry capability, and as time progresses, more ESC's will be added to this list.

- Castle / Castle Live Link
- HobbyWing (V4 or Newer)
- Kontronik Jive / HeliJive
- Scorpion Tribunus (beta version at this time)

Supported Transmitters

Below is a list of the current transmitters supported in relation to the iKON2 data logging & telemetry. However, if your transmitter is not yet supported, please note you can easily access all data logging & telemetry via the iKON2 after subsequent flights.

- Spektrum
- Futaba
- Jeti

Transmitter Options

With Spektrum Gen2 (or newer) and Futaba transmitters, you are able to access & set the below functions to utilize in flight. Further, the iKON2 is now able to utilize SRXL for further telemetry options via receivers that offer this capability, such as the Spektrum SPM4649T dual diversity receiver.

- mAh Consumed via Battery Fuel gauge
- Temperature Threshold Alarms
- Live Current Draw

For Jeti Tx users, the iKON2 has the ability to send all logged parameter info, which can be viewed & logged via the Tx for greater levels of access & overview. From collective & cyclic inputs, gyro status, governor status, and iKON2 received frames, this all new update offers massive levels of user feedback and adjustments, such as remote access to governor features & more.

iKON2 Data Logging Capabilities

- mAh Consumed via Battery Fuel Gauge
- Current
- LiPo Battery Voltage
- Voltage Ripple
- Receiver / BEC Voltage
- ESC Power Out

Jeti Tx Options

- RxRoll / RxElev / RxPitch / RxTail / RxThrottle / RxAux
- Setup Number
- SwashRoll / SwashElev
- Pitch Out
- Throttle Out
- Governor Engaged
- Rx Frame Rate
- Aileron Rotation Rate / Elevator Rotation Rate / Tail Rotation Rate
- Vibration levels (future update)