Customer Support RC Hobby Store (Malden, MA)

Come Work For HeliDirect! 

HeliDirect is looking for a seasoned, motivated, hard working individual ready to take on an exciting customer service role with the very best company in the business. 

Based out of Malden, MA, HeliDirect is in search of a mature individual for local based support who is able to take on a variety of key roles within HeliDirect's Malden facility. This role will be primarily focused as a direct customer service support agent, and will also entail a variety of other roles within our company. 

Coalesce your passion for RC with an amazing job at HeliDirect, allowing you to take part with the best RC company in the industry, bar none! 


HeliDirect is located in Malden, MA, and based upon our current support needs, we are in search of a an individual within our area, or an individual that is willing to relocate to our area that can provide the customer support / technical support we require. 

Whether you are local to our area, based in the New England area with commute options, or are willing to move to the Massachusetts / New England locale for employment, HeliDirect is willing to work with you, and can assist in the relocation process regarding housing logistics and so forth. 

Benefits With HeliDirect: 

- Direct access to all manners of exciting products you know and love 

- Excellent product discounts to help support and sustain your RC passion 

- Working for the best RC company in the industry with the ability to grow with the company 

- Access to cutting edge products yet to be released to market 

- Opportunity to make your passion part of your every day job

 What To Expect: 

HeliDirect is a dynamic company that is rapidly growing and expanding, requiring an individual that is willing to work hard and fast. 

Within your customer support role, you will be interacting with customers via phone, email and help desk, supporting order related issues, sales orders, technical related questions, and other levels of customer support. 

Furthering this, you will have the opportunity to support customers directly via our all new HeliDirect showroom facility, assisting with sales, returns, repairs and direct customer support. 

With HeliDirect, we employ multiple team members that are local, stateside and internationally based. All team members are urged to interact and support each other within their defined roles to accomplish tasks at hand, allowing HeliDirect to thrive within the RC industry. 

Seasoned Representative Required: 

Due to the technical demands of the job at hand, we are in search of a seasoned expert that has a multiyear background in RC with a heavy focus in the multi rotor world, along with a well rounded knowledge of FPV & FPV racing. Simply put, experience matters, so please be aware of the below requirements, as we are in need of mature experience in multiple facets of the RC world. 

Due to the needs & demands we are in search of, "learning on the job" is not an option. We require a mature individual that has a well defined background in the RC world with the key areas of expertise outlined below that has customer service experience that will be required for multiple facets of the day to day working environment. 

Customer Service Requirements: 

- Local based individual with a 9:00am - 6:00pm schedule, Mon - Fri with Saturday working options as well. 

- Mature individual with a well rounded personality that is a dedicated team player. Job will require several elements of internal communication via multiple internal departments, so team dynamics will be key.

- Several years of background with multi copters & FPV flight with a keen focus on multi rotor technical support. Helicopter technical support is a desired characteristic that will add to the tasks at hand.

- Previous experience in customer service support / customer relations - preferably phone support and one on one customer service support.

- Strong work ethic with the ability to handle multiple facets of work, such as CS support, warehouse support, return support and showroom / sales support. Self motivation is key.

- Professional, courteous demeanor with an outgoing personality that can take the lead when asked to do so. Energy & engagement are key personality traits required, allowing dynamic communication with the customer for proper customer support.

- Excellent written communication skills, which are required based upon the large volume of email, help desk and chat related interactions within the customer service role.

- Organized, focused and a keen ability for follow up and follow through. Attention to detail is massively important in regards to proper follow up and follow through.

- Background in repair work with multi rotors, FPV and helicopters for RMA support work.

- Willing to support a 9:00am - 6:00pm work schedule to properly cover all elements of phone support, along with possible weekend support in showroom.

Job Description:

Primary Role:

CS phone support rep with a large mix of order related questions and technical related questions. This will involve dedicated phone support from 9:00am - 6:00pm, along with email support, help desk support, and live chat support. Job will also entail supporting our shipping staff in regards to order follow up, customer contact, order modification, and contact with accounting.

Main Focus:

Customer relations is primary and will require a thoroughly professional individual with excellent verbal skills for phone support, and equally professional written support in order to reflect HeliDirect's top level of service.

Written responses must be rapid and follow up is crucial. All email and help desk responses must be handled in rapid fashion with a primary focus on phone support and follow up calls with voice mail / outgoing order related calls.

Secondary Focus:

With any reduction in phone, email and help desk support will be the secondary role within this tasking. This position will require a transition to other elements of support, as noted below, requiring an individual with strong multi tasking skills with a keen ability to focus on tasks at hand.


RMA Support:

Return support in relation to processing returns, requiring technical inspections, testing, processing RMA's, and customer contact in relation to RMA support. A strong background in technical related RC matters is key, allowing proper diagnosis, testing and repair work required for RMA support.


Showroom Support:

Support for walk in customers, such as sales, tech support, phone support, product stocking, returns, repairs, and general team member support for all showroom related needs.


Warehouse Support:

This role will entail shipping support, such as receiving incoming product, inventory management, various shipping support, order pickup, and other forms of miscellaneous warehouse support.




If you feel you have the skill level, background and drive to fulfill the above roles & requirements, please be sure to reach out to us, as we are looking for a new team member to reflect the gold standard that HeliDirect has worked hard to achieve.