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JP Hobby High Thrust 90mm EDF - 12S 44.4V (Brushless Motor Included)

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JP Hobby High Thrust 12S 90mm EDF - The Ultimate EDF Power.

Designed for the very maximum levels of EDF performance, the JP Hobby EDF is constructed of ultra high grade aluminum to maximize strength & rigidity with an incredibly light weight design. This light weight aluminum structure has been optimized as a heat sink for maximum levels of thermal cooling at full power demands, making this EDF motor combo the ultimate setup for incredible levels of power & speed.

Perfected for an insane 88,000 RPM turbine speed, the EDF turbine blades are constructed of aircraft grade aluminum to generate maximum levels of high velocity airflow under full power output. Due to the incredible levels of stress at maximum power, each turbine system is dynamically balanced for ultra smooth flight, with (8) hours of metal fatigue testing to verify the turbine is fully capable of unrestricted full power flight. Further this with a safety shroud to protect the turbine blades from breaching the EDF unit, the JP Hobby EDF provides cutting edge levels of safety and performance that is ready and waiting for your jet of choice.

Optimized for the Viper Jet 140 and other 90mm EDF platforms, the JP Hobby 12S EDF produces a hellacious 6.1Kg of maximum thrust utilizing 12S LiPo power, with a 5.6Kg of average thrust. Epic levels of speed await with this configuration, rivaling turbine powered setups with mind bending electric power, with an unmistakable EDF howl.

For epic levels of EDF performance, step up to the JP Hobby High Thrust EDF systems - incredible EDF performance that is ready & waiting to blister the skies above.


- Optimized for 12S HV Power for Insane Speed & Performance
- Ultra High Grade Aircraft Aluminum Construction
- Dynamically Balanced Turbine Blades for Ultra Smooth Flight
- Ultra Cool Aluminum Motor Shroud for Maximum Thermal Cooling
- Rigorous Factory Based 8 Hour Metal Fatigue Testing
- Ultra Safe Design via High Strength Protective Shroud
- Brutal 6.1Kg Maximum Thrust Capability
- Insane 88,000 Turbine RPM Capability


EDF Size: 90mm
Brushless Motor: JP 4250 12 Pole / 1080kV Motor w/ 5mm Shaft
ESC Recommendations: 120A - 130A HV ESC w/ 15 Degree Timing
Battery Recommendation: 12S 44.4V
Weight: 450g (Motor Included)
Motor Connectors: Banana
Average Thrust: 5.6Kg
Maximum Thrust: 6.1Kg
Maximum Efficiency: 90%

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