New LiPo Shipping Rules!

Due to new rules & regulations when it comes to the shipment of lithium polymer batteries, we must adhere to these new mandates to stay within the noted stipulations being imposed.

Please see the below information regarding shipment of LiPo batteries both domestic and international. As for the ordering process via our website, we are currently making changes to make this process simple & straightforward, allowing customers to checkout with ease when it comes to ordering LiPo batteries.

Till our website changes have been updated regarding these new regulations, please be aware that any order containing LiPo batteries may be held if the noted batteries do not comply with shipping options selected or offered. In a case such as this, our customer service staff will reach out to you to rectify your order.

In terms of all LiPo batteries being shipped, limitations are calculated on "Watt hours" (Wh), and can be determined by the below formula:

Formula: Volts (V) x Amp Hour (Ah) = Watt Hour (Wh)

Example Battery: 2250mAh 11.1V
Volts & Amp Hours: V = 11.1 / Ah = 2.25 (Tip - Divide mAh by 1,000 for Ah)
Total Watt Hours: 11.1 x 2.25 = 24.97 Watt Hours

USPS Shipments:

With USPS, no domestic air shipments will be available, and per current regulations, no international LiPo based shipments are currently available.

FedEx / UPS Air Shipments:

With both domestic and international based shipments, no more than (2) LiPo batteries can be shipped per parcel, and individual batteries must be under (100) watt hours.

FedEx / UPS Domestic Ground Shipments:

For FedEx & UPS domestic based Ground methods, the sum of all batteries (per parcel) being shipped cannot exceed more than (3,000) watt hours in total.