Mikado VControl Touch

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05130 Mikado VControl Touch   Purchasing this $200 deposit for the 2018 VControl Touch guarantees your place in line for the first available quantities. Final MSRP and delivery dates to be determined by Mikado Germany soon after RotorLive. Cancelations of any orders will result in an automatic place loss in backorder...

05130 Mikado VControl Touch
  • Purchasing this $200 deposit for the 2018 VControl Touch guarantees your place in line for the first available quantities. Final MSRP and delivery dates to be determined by Mikado Germany soon after RotorLive.
  • Cancelations of any orders will result in an automatic place loss in backorder que. 
  • Shipments, when available, will be processed in numerical order of website purchased deposits.


Software Highlights:



¦ Setup, programming and adjusting of VBar-controlled models accomplished  directly via VBar Control radio. 

¦ Readily understandable graphic user interface.

¦ Easy programming for new models via the familiar VBar setup wizard. 

¦ ESC setup wizard for programming all types of speed controllers. 

¦ ESCs with VBar Control support can be programmed directly from the radio. 

¦ Up to eight parameters can be tuned simultaneously using the optional inputs, with adjustable limitation of the the respective range of values. 

¦ Bank switching with three banks (fourth Bank Autorotation optional). 

¦ Real time logging and real time graphic vibration analysis available on display. 

¦ Graphical telemetry log analyzer for stored flights (overview, energy consumption, event-log) directly readable on the display. 

¦ Create your own screen design directly on the touchscreen display. 

¦ Full manual available on the radio by means of context sensitive help. 

¦ Easy bind process, allows bind and fly of any model equipped with VLink (e.g. a buddy's heli) with your own transmitter (Model Sharing). 

¦ Automatic power-on, if an already bound model is switched on. 

¦ Several telemetry functions are available, such as voltages, current, rpm,  speed, temperature and power consumption of the batteries (may need additional hardware). 

¦ Multiple timer functions available with warnings and reminders via sound,  voice, or vibration output. 

¦ Wireless buddy boxing with two VBar Control radios, fully configurable.

¦ Interact with your smart phone via WiFi (control your music player, exchange photos, open web sites or videos, expand your display for telemetry purposes ...)— Apps for Android™ and iOS™ are under development, will be released later on. 

¦ Cloud functions under development (e.g. for archiving, interaction with other users; usage optional). 

¦ Access our App Store and do over-the-air online-updates via WiFi*. 

¦ Over-the-air online-update your VBar NEO-flybarless systems via WiFi* (for purchases, a device with internet access and web browser is required).



Hardware Highlights:



¦ Extra bright capacitive 5.8 inch multi-touch color display, with ambient-light sensor to automatically control the brightness. 

¦ Very good readability even in bright sunlight. 

¦ WiFi module connects to your WiFi network at home as well as to your personal hotspot on the go. 

¦ Very fast start-up time, from off to fully operational in three seconds. 

¦ High performance low power controller for best user experience and long runtimes. 

¦ Reliable 80 Channel 2.4 GHz FHSS bidirectional flight control, programming/ setup and telemetry remote control system.  

¦ Unlimited model memory. 

¦ Virtually unlimited number of control channels. 

¦ High range, low latency, antenna diversity both on transmitter and receiver. 

¦ Intelligent antenna monitoring and management. 

¦ Fully equipped with four 3-position switches, two 3-position quick-break-switches as well as six rotary inputs (four trim wheels, two rotating knobs), all fully programmable. 

¦ Precision gimbals with four ball bearings, fully adjustable. 

¦ Collective stick can be equipped with optional throw limiter. 

¦ Delicate rubber lining for comfortable, slip-free and safe holding. 

¦ Well-balanced with two-point neck-strap attachment, no additional retainer required. 

¦ Large 2 Watt loudspeaker for alarms and voice output. 

¦ Vibration alarm (adjustable). 

¦ Memory accessible as a USB memory stick, no drivers needed. 

¦ Built-in Lithium Polymer battery allows for long run times. 

¦ Charge through USB connector or built-in charger. 

¦ Power supply for fast charging included. *  Online features require a WiFi connection and a device with internet access. Data transfers may cause additional costs, depending on your mobile data plan.


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Customer Reviews

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This could have been on the tv show 'Beyond 2000'

Well, we are way past the year 2000, but so is this transmitter - they're a bit pricey, don't make you a better flyer - but this unit makes the hobby of heli flying so much more enjoyable. Easier heli setup, variable adjustments at your fingertips, this is SO NEXT LEVEL !!

Cannot recommend

I don’t know why people love this radio. The build quality is very plastic. Setup is not at all intuitive. Software is buggy. Plus you gotta pay extra to be able to do basic setup for a helicopter. The only reason I didn’t give it one star is being helidirect is awesome in quick shipping and responding to emails.


Well where do I start. This radio is on another level. I did notice it is much lighter than my old spectrum ix12. That had a bit more weight in the hands. To me i kinda like that feel, but a spare battery would fix that if needed. The moment you power on the radio it is very fast and quick. My ix12 was slow and took longer plus it lag. But on a few changes it wast that bad but does not compare to the vbar. I like the setup and very smooth on the gimbals. The application of other programs is sweet. If you're new to it just take youre time and enjoy. I did and glad. 😊

Great radio

Great radio

Nice radio that has a lot of potential

Really liking my new Vcontrol Touch radio. If you are a Vbar flyer this radio makes things a lot easier to setup for sure. Screen is large but def could be a bit brighter in the sunlight. Speaker is nice and loud and even though the gimbals are plastic feel very smooth. Battery life is a little on the low side but there is a provision in the radio for a second battery which helps a lot. Sticks cannot be adjusted unless you pull the radio back off which on a radio of this price point is a little strange but it comes apart real easy and there are no ribbon cables to work about ripping. Coming from radios from Spektrum (ix12) and FrSky I really miss the option of changing the voice and making the radio say anything I want and I am hoping in the future Mikado adds this. The programming is completely different than any other radio I have had in the past but once you get used to it its not bad. I am not sure why guys would buy this radio to use with planes but it looks like many do, I personally only use it for my Vbar heli's. I think with some software improvements this radio would be great and would def get 5 stars. Last but not least Mikado customer service is about the best out there. I had lots of questions that were answered in hours instead of days.

Excellent TX. Flexibility is very nice

Perhaps the best TX I have owned. On screen programming for new setup is very convenient. The battery life could be better. I installed a second battery inside where they have made space for it. Makes a huge difference for batt. Life

V Touch

Nice radio good features but terrible battery that does not last long. Disappointing to say the least.