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MKS HBL880 0.032 sec/60 (11.19kg.cm 8.2V) - 8mm Output Shaft


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Best tail servo on the market, hands down. You get what you pay for!! super beefy. precision machined. like functional jewelry for your helicopter.. Matched with my Mikado 700 I have a dream machine!


I had used BK7000s in my other Goblins based on written specs and price, much like Mark and Christopher I had never used MKS. I based this decision on looks of the MKS X8 and 8mm MKS servo arms, I thought I was buying bling. Wow was I WRONG, well I was right, there is bling here, but, written specs are either underrated or BKs are overrated. I have BKs in my other 700 and now MKS in the new 700 same gyro BD3SX, KDE 505, 12S, only electronic difference is MKS vs BK. The MKS bird flys like its locked on rails, no elevator bounce at lower head speeds (1650rpm) and way more responsive at high head speeds (2250rpm). Tail is locked easily keeps up with KDE 505 G3 crazy torque, I had to set comp down from 4 to 2 on the BD3SX the MKS is so much quicker or powerful, the tail was going the wrong direction with the same compensation as the BK. The above said, the specs show more torque for the MKS, but, more speed for the BK either way torque, speed or both, the MKS is locked. Looks great too!


this servo is or maybe could be one of the most toughest precise and fast tail servos in today's market, u won't be afraid of throw your heli around and having that crisp precise response from your tail, no matter how much speed or crazy orientations you put it through! Order yours NOW!!


Extremely fast, great torque, brutal response!! If you are looking for a flawless performance servo this is your best option! 100% recommended!


Yes it is $200 but it is the best tail servo I have ever used period. It whipped the tail on my Synergy E7 into serious shape. Spend the money you will not regret it.


Obviously Christopher and Mark have never owned an MKS servo. I do not have this series of servo, but I do have a full set if the $160 MKS all aluminum servos and they can't be beaten. I have crashed my 700 three times with these servos and have never even stripped a gear and one time I even broke a main grip during the crash. They are very strong, slop free, and have given me no trouble! At this price, they are not going to fit in every pilot's budget, but for those who can afford them they will be worth every penny I'm sure...

I have owned every major brand of servo over the last 25 years, and MKS are by far the best servos I have ever flown, bar none!


Have not bought one, almost $200 for a servo 1 1/2 x 1 1/2 in. servo. Does not beat anyother servo with similar specs that go for under $100. This industry is getting out of hand. Two hundred dollars - SERIOUSLY !!!


Ridicule! $200 for a servo.... Wow


Very good comment Brian !
I bought all X8 set, for my XXtreme 800 and they are amazing....! worth every penny.