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    USER MANUAL: ________________________________ REGISTER YOUR OXY KIT: Click HERE to register your Oxy Heli Kit. _______________________________ OXY 3 - Tareq Alsaadi Edition 2018 – The evolution of a legend! Designed by Tareq Alsaadi in cooperation with Oxy Heli and Lynx, for all of us that love Tareq and...






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OXY 3 - Tareq Alsaadi Edition 2018 – The evolution of a legend!

Designed by Tareq Alsaadi in cooperation with Oxy Heli and Lynx, for all of us that love Tareq and Oxy Heli!.
From the Oxy Heli beginning. Tareq was and is, fully involved on testing, develop and suggestions. Thanks to his superior’s pilot skills and heli experience, his suggestions drives the Oxy Heli project evolutions.
Since Lynx Heli Innovations was born in 2005, Tareq along with Luca Invernizzi and all the Lynx Team, started to work together in order to release special products and optional parts.
In 2015 the First OXY 3 Tareq Edition went released and was an amazing success… Now after tree years, Tareq Alsaadi in cooperation with Oxy Heli and Lynx proudly introduces the new OXY 3 2018 Tareq Alsaadi Edition.
Let me say without hesitations:  Oxy 3 Tareq Edition 2018, the evolution of a legend!

Many of you confessed by the interest for the improvement of the new Oxy 3 TE, but more ask: “How it was possible to improve a product already perfect?”

Honestly specking, Tareq himself also was amazed when testing the newly OXY 3 TE.

Tareq and Luca worked on advanced heli specification, and the result after over 10 months of hard work is now easy touchable… not just for beauty but especially in flight.

Major changes applied compared older OXY3 Series.

1-     Simplicity to Efficiency… Because Tareq also like fix his OXY, like all our OXY-generation customers, new features were added to make all manual operations easier.
-  Main Gear Jesus Bolt: Those who have an OXY 3 already know what we are talking about.. YES, we did! New Design, were no pliers are necessary on the lock / unlock operations. Already used and approved on our OXY 4 a special OEM Nut called H2-M2 helps dramatically assembly and service operations.

- DFC Linkage Rods, some of you as us, probably experienced a nasty feeling discovering after crash, the impossibility to reuse Main Grip, with the DFC fastening screw snapping off in it!
In the new OXY editions, we introduce a “clever” and innovative system with superior fastening and kinetic features. So in case of hard crash, assures the integrity of the Main Grip with the possibility of easy and fast service of every single DFC / Head and parts.

One more time, Tareq Alsaadi’s support drives our future!

Simple detail made big improvements!
2-     Improved CoG (360 degree Center Of Gravity):  Extra battery volume, better visibility and “Muscle” Kit Sexy Look.  Improve on perfection is not easy, but Tareq’s request, push us for the excellence even farther!
- New frame design, combined with a new profile canopy is the answer.
- New Tareq's designed paint schema with his loved “Hello Dubai" logo, and matched painted boom adds detailed and esthetics touch. "Hello Dubai" logo for Tareq Alsaadi like for his creator "Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum" means: Winning, Victory, Love, and his just an honor for Luca and all OXY TEAM to have it on the OXY 3 TE.

- Weight Reduction, thanks to the new components: Landing gear, frame and canopy over 10g overall weight saving compare the previous edition

3-     Tail System Efficiency:  For Oxy Heli the Tail was and will be the most important Heli feature to handle. 
- The New OXY 3 Tareq Edition feature new tail components and tail ratio. With all new components, together with the improved efficiency we improved the vibe suppression, the holding and the wear resistance. 

OXY 3 - Tareq Alsaadi Edition 2018 – Specifications List:

For the best pilot, just simply the best features!


Main Blade options: from 250 up to 287mm

- New canopy design, reduced volume and aggressive look. 100% 3K Carbon Fiber Epoxy construction: strong and lightweight construction. -  Tareq's designed paint schema with his loved “Hello Dubai" logo.
- New Frame Design improves CG, battery volume capability and stiffening.
- Triple Main Shaft Bearing Block Support System.
- Ultra-Light and flexible landing gear - Carbon Plastic copolymer based material
- CNC POM Copolymer main gear with innovative Jesus H2-M2 Nut System.
- Motor Mount / Upper Frame CNC Sandwich Stiffener System Lock.
- CNC Aluminum Tail Boom Clamp CNC Sandwich Stiffener System Lock.
- Carbon / Copolymer Anti-rotation guide.
- All aluminum parts with special surface finish and Racing Anodize color (orange / black).

- DFC Head System with Plastic Arm and innovative fastening lock system.
- Optional FBL System Head available, sold as optional.
- Polymeric OXY HELI Profile Boom System.
- New improved Tail Grip and Tail ratio System.
- CNC Aluminum Tail Servo Support.
- Reinforced Tail Case with Carbon Fiber and Aluminum CNC parts.
- CNC Aluminum tail Bell Crank, with innovative anti-rotation Slider Ring system.
- Plastic Black 50mm Tail blades.
- All aluminum parts with special surface finish and Racing Anodize color (Orange / Black).
- Swashplate leveler tool.
- 11T and 14T pinions.
- Vertical fins colored stickers
Tareq Alsaadi OXY 3 Flying Set-up Part List:

- OXY3 TE comes standard witch Stretch Tail System. This makes it easy for you choose the blade, from 250 up to 287mmm. OXY3 Sport will support your personal choice.
- Tail Blade: 50 mm Tail Blade.
- 4s 1500 or 6s 1000 – Battery.
- For 4S Battery Configuration X-Nova Tareq Edition 2216 – 4100 KV Motor.
- For 6S Battery Configuration X-Nova Tareq Edition 2216 – 2600 KV Motor.
- Hobby Wing 40 / 50 A ESC.
- Neo FBL System.
- 3 x MKS DS95 cyclic servo and 1 x MKS DS95i Tail servo.
- 4500 and higher Head Speed – Pitch +/-14 – Cyclic +/-11.
OXY3 Tareq Edition Kit comes without Main Blade and electronics, giving you the best choose options.



Helicopter Kit


Oxy Heli




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Sexy heli

The Oxy 3 is an awesome heli. I don’t have the skills quite yet to fly hard 3D I love this heli

Oxy3 Tareq Edition

Fun heli,I enjoy it,cannot go wrong with the oxy heli’s!

OXY 3 Awesome & HD Fast shipping & great customer service!

The OXY line is superb & high quality that can't be beat. That's why the O3 TE is no different! Looking for a great heli, chef out the OXY line and HD. Been with HD for years and they have never let me down. Great support and customer service.