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RunCam Split 3 Nano Whoop Version


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This is the best of the "Split" cameras so far in my opinion. With so many more options of "how" to mount it and "what" you can mount it in!! You can even make a Tinywhoop record HD footage if you'd like!! In fact that is the version I purchased the "Whoop" board, for I installed my Split 3 nano in the Mini Intrepid by AirBlade UAV and am using one of the new "whoop" boards with more amperage ESC's as for toothpicks and such....The Mini Intrepid can take the whoop style FC or a 16X16 stack I used a nano stack to start with but now am rebuilding it with the "whoop" type board, and so this Split nano will be perfect to get great HD view of my flights with the little dude!! Have already tried it with the nano stack and it records great quality video in my opinion, but I think for what it is even the Caddx Turtle V1 records darn good video to me, maybe I'm not "picky" enough, hahaha but I DO know what a good picture looks like!! lol The Tarsier IS better for sure, but I'm just sayin'......Anyway yes if your in the market for a good split camera this one works well, easy to operate etc....And ESPECIALLY if your installing it in a small micro or toothpick or as said even a "whoop" craft the nano WILL FIT ALMOST ANYTHING!! I'll leave a short video of the Mini Intrepid as this is first build and one motor was DOA.....but you can see the video, and it isn't the brightest and prettiest days of the year haha but you can get the idea I think??!! THX-Turbo.

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