SAB AVIO M138 Lizard EDF / Turbine Jet Kit
SAB AVIO M138 Lizard EDF / Turbine Jet Kit - HeliDirect
SAB AVIO M138 Lizard EDF / Turbine Jet Kit - HeliDirect
SAB AVIO M138 Lizard EDF / Turbine Jet Kit - HeliDirect


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Lizard Kit

Well engineered kit. Fit and finish excellent

Its a plane to have

Very nice jet

M 138

I am very satisfied with your processing, thank you.

Do yourself a favor...BUY THIS NOW!

Great jet! I purchased the turbine version. I'm very impressed with the quality of this model from SAV AVIO. HeliDirect has always been great with their customer service and this experience has great. I have an in-depth build log and review here:

Great plane - Instructions should to be updated

First of all, I love SAB products (I have owned many of their Helis) and I really like my Lizard. Still, as I finished my build and prepared for maiden, I got to recognize that I am a little bit disappointed on the specifications and the Instructions for the EDF version.

On the specifications, EDF manual calls for a weight of 6.5-7.5Kg. I believe that it is unlikely to finish this plane with the recommended equipment below 7.2kg (16lb.) Mine weights 7.6kg (16.7Lb) using a Jetfan 110/HET 700-98-780, CC 160HV, 12s 6000mah power batteries and a 2s 2100Mah receiver battery. I could save a couple of grams, if I switched to a 5000mah battery, but there is not much more you can do to get it much lighter.

On the manual, even though instructions are beautifully detailed, the issue I found is that there is no way to achieve the recommended CG with the configuration recommended in the manual without adding a significant amount of nose weight, or by creating a tray in the nose to place a 2s 5000mah receiver battery as far forward as possible.

My fix was to re organize everything after I thought I had finished my build, which was frustrating. So, in order to minimize weight, I ended up putting my power packs side by side as far forward as possible and re-placed the ESC on the remaining section of the battery tray at front. I also moved the EDF forward on the EDF tray, which required then to make a trust tube. That way I ended up using the turbine tray (shortened to just beyond the retracted nose wheel area) to only having to place a 2s 2100mah receiver battery at front.

I felt that either manual was done too early before field testing on EDF version or there was not enough testing on this version of the Lizard. Also, I believe the turbine nose tray (or similar) should come standard on the EDF version in order to help minimize overall weight of the plane, by putting the receiver battery there.