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Scorpion HKII-2221-2010 Brushless Motor (2010KV) 6S T-REX 450PRO V2

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Looks really good havent got to use it yet.


I have 2 of these in 6s 450s running on a Castle Edge 50 Lite and they are absolutely unboggable. They come down warm but not hot and they're easy on the batteries.


Very nice motor, I run it on my Trex 450. Good power!


This is a great motor to put in the Gaui X3 flying on 6s, lots of power.


This motor is a perfect, drop in replacement, in the Curtis Youngblood Stingray, if you want to go 6S. The perfect battery size seems to be 6S 2200mAh.


I run these on all my custom stretched 450s now. And there is no going back. I picked up a full 2 to 3 minutes in flight times doing the same routines over any of my 3s setups. Plus, there is mind boggling power right up till the end, no fade, none. My components come down barely warm to the touch. This tells you how efficient the system is running. Unlike running the 3s setup where I could fry eggs on the motor and esc. Pretty much the same results on every forum the world over from guys who have done this. And they all rave after the changeover.
Plus, this system is far far easier on batteries. I have over 250 to 300 flights on some of my 1300ma 6s batts and they still perform well.
I did have to convert my fleet over to microheli delrin gears. On stockers I was blowing through them just doing pitch pumps due to how wobbly and non concentric the stock gear sets were. The incredible performance this motor produces will find and expose every weak link in your system.
Still, I will never fly a 3s or even 4s system after this ever again.
This upgrade made my helis into over driven little power hungry monsters on steroids!