VMAR J3 Piper Cub Giant Scale ARF Kit (80" Wingspan)

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VMAR J3 Piper Cub 80 - ARF Simplicity, Sport Scale Nostalgia. Nothing is more iconic than the Piper Cub J3, and VMAR brings the J3 80 in beautiful ARF simplicity with huge bang for your back value in this amazing golden era giant scale airplane.Spanning a full 80" wingspan, the...
VMAR J3 Piper Cub 80 - ARF Simplicity, Sport Scale Nostalgia.

Nothing is more iconic than the Piper Cub J3, and VMAR brings the J3 80 in beautiful ARF simplicity with huge bang for your back value in this amazing golden era giant scale airplane.

Spanning a full 80" wingspan, the VMAR J3 Piper Cub is a classic throwback to the 1930's era of flight, featuring the nostalgic banana yellow livery that harkens back to the days of yore. With the VMAR J3 Cub, it's a pure stick and rudder affair, with gentle large scale flight characteristics that provide amiable flying qualities that will endear this plane to any pilot at the controls.

Fully covered in vivid Polycote ECS covering, the VMAR J3 Cub features multiple scale details, including landing gear with pull style shock absorbers to help cushion less than perfect landings, a dummy pilot, and interior scale touches for added levels of realism. Featuring a 2 piece wing with a robust aluminum wing tube, the J3 Cub is easy to transport and store away in compact form, making this plane perfect when it comes to its giant scale size.

Ultra easy to build with a no glue, bolt together assembly process, the VMAR J3 Cub can be assembled in (3) to (5) hours, making this plane simple and flight ready in no time at all. Incorporating a Power Module design for the ultimate ease in motor mounting options, VMAR offers glow or electric flexibility, allowing you to choose a power system that best suits you - no modifications required. With an included 300cc fuel tank for those wanting to go the glow route paired with a spacious fuselage for large capacity LiPo power, flexible power options abound, equating to extended flight times in the blue skies above.

The perfect choice for modelers both young and old, the VMAR J3 Cub offers golden age stick and rudder thrills, providing epic flying qualities in one of the easiest to assemble kits you will ever come across. With massive levels of bang for your buck, this low cost, giant scale machine is the perfect fit when it comes to your RC hangar, with unrivaled scale beauty on the ground below and in the skies above.


Giant Scale 80" Wingspan
One Servo Per Aileron for Excellent Precision & Control
Robust Balsa & Ply Construction
Bolt Together, No Glue ARF Assembly
Rapid (3) to (5) Hour Assembly Time
Fiberglass Layup Cowling
Scale Dummy Pilot with Scale Cockpit Details
Functional Scale Pull Style Landing Gear Shock Absorbers
Electric or Glow Ready
Vivid Polycote ECS Covering
4 Channel Setup Simplicity


(1) VMAR J3 Piper Cub 80" ARF Kit
(1) Shock Absorbing Landing Gear System
(1) 80.5mm Main Wheels / 25mm Tail Wheel
(1) 300cc Fuel Tank with Plumbing
(1) Dummy Pilot
(1) Instruction Manual

Required for Flight:

(1) 5+ Channel Transmitter
(1) 5+ Channel Receiver
(4) - (5) Standard Servos (2 Ailerons, 1 Elevator & 1 Rudder)
(1) Electric or Glow Motor
(1) ESC for Electric Power Option
(1) LiPo Battery for Electric Power
(1) Propeller Matched to Motor


Wingspan: 80" (2046mm)
Wing Area: 1080 sq. in. (64 Dm2)
Length: 48.5" (1021mm)
Weight: 6 lbs. - 7 lbs. (2700g - 3200g)
Glow Engine: .55 - . 90 2 Stroke / .70 - 1.20 4 Stroke
Electric Motor: 800W - 1200W
Servos: (4) - (5) Standard Servos (5 servos for glow application)
Battery: 4S 14.8V - 6S 22.2V (4000mAh - 5500mAh)

Warranty Details:

All VMAR kits are trial fit at the factory and inspected to be free from defects & flaws in both material and craftsmanship at date of purchase. Warranty does not cover any components or parts damaged by use or modification. The pilot takes full responsibility for inspection of aircraft before and after each flight, making sure the aircraft is in flight worthy condition relating to safe control of aircraft. Warranty does not cover crash damage or failure of ancillary components unrelated to the aircraft.

Plane Kit






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Customer Reviews

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great plane easy to put gether

Great looking and made plane

I was amazed on how easy it looks to build. Helidirect took the time to make it easy to enjoy a hobby, without all the hassle. I can't wait to finish it and fly the beast. Thank you.

Vmar 80inch Cub

This ARF, goes together quicker than most, no glue needed, I went with electric setup, 50 size motor, 80 amp esc ,16x8 prop. I did the maiden on a windy day, plane bounced around more than other clubs at same location that day..be aware of that...6 cell ,5000 man used....