VMAR V-Stick 40 ARF Kit (59" Wingspan)

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VMAR V-Stick 40 - Epic Sport Flying Fun.Dressed in a vivid red "POLYCOTE ECS" covering, the VMAR V-Stick 40 is an exceptional "ARF" (Almost Ready to Fly) kit that offers exceptional value & performance in one amazing package. Constructed with a pre-covered, high quality balsa & play layup, the V-Stick...

VMAR V-Stick 40 - Epic Sport Flying Fun.

Dressed in a vivid red "POLYCOTE ECS" covering, the VMAR V-Stick 40 is an exceptional "ARF" (Almost Ready to Fly) kit that offers exceptional value & performance in one amazing package. Constructed with a pre-covered, high quality balsa & play layup, the V-Stick 40 is an incredibly durable aircraft designed for beginner to intermediate pilots, offering exceptional sport capability with serious big sky thrills.

Stunning from every angle in Red Baron trim, the V-Stick 40 harkens back to the stick and rudder days of flight, utilizing a robust tricycle landing gear system that is designed to take hard landings without fail. Constructed of high quality materials, the V-Stick 40 is an easy kit to build, requiring 3 to 5 hours of assembly process, with the option of electric power or glow power options with an included fuel tank system.

Utilizing (4) standard servos for flight (5th servo bay available for glow power applications), the V-Stick 40 incorporates a (2) piece fully symmetrical wing system for ease of transport and storage, with a light weight, ultra robust aluminum wing tube that can handle aggressive sport style flying.

With (1) aileron servo per wing paired with generous control surfaces, the V-Stick 40 offers snappy levels of sport flying performance, with plenty of elevator pitch to keep things interesting. Full rudder control is available, which is also tied to front wheel nose steering, making taxiing on the runway easy and effortless.

Low in cost with excellent levels of performance, you will love the way the VMAR V-Stick flies, offering awesome levels of big sky thrills for beginner to advanced pilots, both young and old alike.


Vivid Red Polycote ECS Covering
Pre-Covered with No Decal Application Necessary
Constructed with High Quality Balsa & Ply Materials
Robust Tricycle Landing Gear System
Rapid ARF Assembly Process
Two Piece Symmetrical Wing System for Ease of Transport & Storage
Electric or Glow Ready with Included Fuel Tank
One Servo Per Aileron for Maximum Sport Style Flight Capability
Full 4 Channel Control with Ailerons, Rudder & Elevator Control
5th Channel Servo Bay for Glow Options
2 Stroke or 4 Stroke Glow Capability
No Glue Build with Bolt On Vertical and Horizontal Stabilizer System


(1) VMAR V-Stick 40 ARF Kit
(1) Red Plastic Spinner
(1) 300cc Fuel Tank System
(1) Landing Gear System w/ 65mm Wheels
(1) Full Instruction Manual

Required for Flight:

(1) 4+ / 5+ Channel Transmitter
(1) 4+ / 5+ Channel Receiver
(1) Electric or Glow Motor
(1) ESC for Glow Applications
(4) Standard Servos (2 Ailerons, 1 Elevator & 1 Rudder)
(1) LiPo Battery for Electric Applications
(1) Propeller Matched to Motor


Wingspan: 59" (1500mm)
Wing Area: 630 sq. in. (41 Dm2)
Length: 47" (1190mm)
Weight: 5 lbs. - 6 lbs. (2200g - 2400g)
Electric Motor: 800W - 1200W
Glow Engine: .46 - .55 (2) Stroke / .48 - .70 (4) Stroke
Battery: 4S 14.8V - 6S 22.2V (4000mAh - 5500mAh)
Propeller: Maximum 13" Size for Prop Clearance

Warranty Details:

All VMAR kits are trial fit at the factory and inspected to be free from defects & flaws in both material and craftsmanship at date of purchase. Warranty does not cover any components or parts damaged by use or modification. The pilot takes full responsibility for inspection of aircraft before and after each flight, making sure the aircraft is in flight worthy condition relating to safe control of aircraft. Warranty does not cover crash damage or failure of ancillary components unrelated to the aircraft.


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19.0 lb

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
V_mar 40

Haven't flown it yet but looks like a fun plane to fly!

V-Stick 40

Very nice I like it....

V Stick 40

The stick arrived in good condition no damage covering is excellent hardware package is adequate however none of the pushrod keepers were used because they are very untraditional and unusual way to uninstall on a very big 6 pound airplane Question how does your point system work and I think I should have 300 points

Reviewer avatar
Great Plane

I built this last summer and flew it in the fall. It is a very good build and flies very well. I put a 46 electric a 40 amp avian esc and a 637T spektrum. It does rolls and loops really well and lands with ease. Its is a very good plane for the price build and how it flies.

Great Little Stick

Very well made, covering especially strong and looks good. Overall good RC plane for a very good price.


Poor instructions. Fuel tank neck was sawn off and unusable also with no instructions on how to install it. Cheaply made at points that need better reinforcement like the servo tray and the servo mounts on the wings. Coverings were decent and mostly tight. Overall a disappointment.

Can't review what I don't have.

Been a couple weeks and I haven't got anything from the USPS yet. $55.00 for 3 day priority shipping and it was shipped on NOV 27 and the tracking said it would be here in Arizona by DEC 4. It is now DEC 11 and all the tracking web site tells me is that it is in transit. Maybe you should think about shipping with
FED-EX. Half the price and three times the service. I spoke to someone in your customer service on DEC 7 and he said he would keep checking on it. I just think that I am getting mad.

James Daley
Disgruntled Customer



I really wanted to like this plane

Unfortunately I have been unable to like this plane. There are some really great things about this plane. The covering is virtually seamless on my model. The hatch over the radio compartment makes it really easy to make adjustments or check batteries without taking the wing off. The second hatch for the fuel tank is also very nice-I feel that tank access is under emphasized in most sport applications so it was refreshing to have this issue addressed. Then I began to find some issues. First, I had two right wings in my kit. I have to hand it to HeliDirect. Their service was magnificent. They were very responsive and working with David has honestly been the highlight of owning this plane.
My new left wing was received, and it was in perfect condition so assembly could finally begin. I had the same issue as another reviewer where the wing tube would not fit into the wing. I took 60 grit sandpaper to sand it down and after I got it so it would just about slide in I worked up to 220 grit to smooth things out. The original wing is still pretty tight but the replacement left fits about perfectly.
When I tried to bolt the wing on I noticed that the bolt hole in the fuse does not line up with the hole in the replacement. It is about half an inch off. It appears that most of the parts in this plane are symmetrical. A clever trick that allows the manufacturer to create fewer parts and no doubt keeps the cost down. The wings themselves have a symmetrical airfoil but the root ribs do actually have a top and bottom so the replacement wing I received was actually built as a right wing with the aileron servo cut out on the opposite side converting it to a left wing that has misaligned bolt holes. If I put it on the right of the plane the bolt holes match up perfectly but the aileron servo cut out is then on the top. I just decided to drill a new hole for the bolt since the bolt is not load bearing. With how tight the wing tubes are you might not need the bolts at all. (kidding folks)
The hardware looks to be great quality but does not hold up. They use connectors similar to EZ connectors for all of the servo connections. The pin is a screw rather than push style connector which seems like a great idea as long as you use thread locker for security-something the instructions recommend. The problem is that the screws are too small for the hardware and they tend to strip with almost no effort. I ended up replacing several of the connectors with actual ez connectors but there were a couple that seemed ok from the kit which I used on the ailerons.
The holes for the control horns are drilled for you but on my model it was on the wrong side of the elevator which had the hinges glued in from the factory. What this meant is that the rudder servo ended up on the wrong side of the fuselage meaning I either had to get a little creative with the nose wheel pushrod or I needed to make another hole in the elevator. I chose the former and it worked alright.
The control horns are the threaded rod style that you find on a lot of expensive planes which I was very excited to see until I found that when I installed them the nuts stripped on the threaded rods from finger tightening. Rather than replace them I fixed the issue with epoxy.
After I got the plane together I noticed the ailerons are warped. The one on the left wing is not too bad but the one on the right is pretty severe. If it lines up at the root the tip is up about a quarter of an inch. I tried both right wings (remember-I received 2) and they were about the same. I split the difference and decided to be ready for an interesting maiden. A maiden flight that so nearly happened too!
I took my plane to the field. After the normal checks for control surface movement and range I fueled it up and started the engine, After a minute or so of warming up and checking the engine I noticed I had an aileron not moving so I shut down the engine. I found that one of the factory connectors I had used on the aileron had stripped and shed the screw. No problem-I will just make a z-bend in the wire and attach it directly to the servo, right? Wrong. As soon as I bent the wire it snapped. I am guessing this is why they use these connectors as the wire cannot be bent.
In addition to the problems I already mentioned the wrong bolts were supplied for the engine mount and the wheel collar for the steering in the nose gear stripped out again with very little effort forcing me to dip into my own supply of hardware. The stopper in my tank seemed to fit alright but the screw that tightens everything together to make a seal stripped as the hole in the back plate was very large meaning the screw threads had nothing to bite on to. I had to use a different tank. Once you factor in the cost of replacing all of the hardware and possibly the pushrods as well as shipping the price tag becomes terribly average and for a terribly average price this is a below average plane.