VMAR V-Stick 60 ARF Kit (73" Wingspan)

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VMAR V-Stick 60 - Epic Sport Flying Thrills. Dressed in a vivid red Polycote ECS covering, the VMAR V-Stick 60 is an exceptional "ARF" (Almost Ready to Fly) kit that offers incredible value & performance in one amazing package. Constructed with a pre-covered, high quality balsa & ply layup, the...

VMAR V-Stick 60 - Epic Sport Flying Thrills.

Dressed in a vivid red Polycote ECS covering, the VMAR V-Stick 60 is an exceptional "ARF" (Almost Ready to Fly) kit that offers incredible value & performance in one amazing package. Constructed with a pre-covered, high quality balsa & ply layup, the V-Stick 60 is an incredibly durable aircraft designed for multitudes of pilots, offering epic sport capability with serious big sky thrills.

Stunning from every angle in Red Baron trim, the V-Stick 60 harkens back to the stick and rudder days of flight, utilizing a robust tricycle landing gear system that is designed to take hard landings without fail. Constructed of high quality balsa & ply materials, the V-Stick 60 is an easy kit to build, requiring (3) to (5) hours of assembly process, with the option of electric or glow power for maximum flexibility.

Spanning a full 73" wingspan, the V-Stick 60 offers large scale performance with a fully symmetrical wing for excellent sport style aerobatic flight capability. Utilizing a (4) servo wing layout, the V-Stick 60 utilizes one servo per aileron with optional flaps for excellent low speed performance, making landings a literal breeze.

Ready for electric or glow power, the V-Stick 60 is ultra flexible, allowing you to choose the power system you prefer. Easy to fly and rugged in overall design, the V-Stick 60 offers huge bang for your buck value when it comes to the outright performance offered in this stellar ARF package.

Low in cost with incredible sport capability, you will love the way the VMAR V-Stick flies, offering awesome levels of big sky thrills for beginner to advanced, both young and old alike.


Vivid Red Polycote ECS Covering
Pre-Covered with No Decal Application Necessary
Constructed with High Quality Balsa & Ply Materials
Robust Tricycle Landing Gear System
Flaps for Excellent Low Speed Flight & Landings
Rapid Bolt Together, No Glue ARF Assembly Process
Two Piece Symmetrical Wing System for Ease of Transport & Storage
Electric or Glow Ready with Included Fuel Tank
One Servo Per Aileron for Maximum Precision and Control
2 Stroke or 4 Stroke Glow Capability
Rapid 3 - 5 Hour Build Time


(1) VMAR V-Stick 60 ARF Kit
(1) 300cc Fuel Tank System
(1) Landing Gear System with 80.5mm Wheels
(1) Full Instruction Manual

Required for Flight:

(1) 6+ Channel Transmitter
(1) 6+ Channel Receiver
(6) - (7) Standard Servos (2 Ailerons, 2 Flaps, 1 Elevator, 1 Rudder, 1 Throttle)
(1) Electric or Glow Motor
(1) ESC for Electric Applications
(1) Battery for Electric Applications
(1) Propeller Matched to Motor


Wingspan: 73" (1850mm)
Wing Area: 953 sq. in. (61.5 Dm2)
Length: 52" (1320mm)
Weight: 8 lbs. - 10 lbs. (3500g - 4500g)
Electric Motor: 1200W+ Brushless Motor
Glow Engine: .60 - 1.20 2 Stroke / .90 - 1.80 4 Stroke
Battery: 4S 14.8V - 6S 22.2V (4000mAh - 5500mAh)

Warranty Details:

All VMAR kits are trial fit at the factory and inspected to be free from defects & flaws in both material and craftsmanship at date of purchase. Warranty does not cover any components or parts damaged by use or modification. The pilot takes full responsibility for inspection of aircraft before and after each flight, making sure the aircraft is in flight worthy condition relating to safe control of aircraft. Warranty does not cover crash damage or failure of ancillary components unrelated to the aircraft.


Plane Kit






43.0 lb

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Timothy S.
I had to try one

I had to try one of the 60 v-stick, my bad
3 stars because i like the looks of the plane and the 2 piece wing and it stops there.
A 5 to 6 hour ARF has turned into 24 hours and still counting had to re glue 85% of
the fuse some parts had no glue, The rear servo tray had been messed up at the factory they added a another plate on top of the bad one servo mount holes were off
had to re drill them, And the servo and linkage hardware is junk some was drill off center so bad it could not be used the little blue servo quick links would strip out when
you mount them to the servo arm I would not use them on a 60 size plane at all. The poly-cote covering was not down in some places and you could not iron it down found on youtube you had to ca glue it down, And the tail when the nuts are tightened up it's
out of level so I will have to add shims an glue it on, So it's still sitting waiting on linkage and hardware to come in to finish


M G.
Overall A good plane, some minor problems

This kit is really solidly built and the covering is well applied and looks good. The hinges had a large amount of excess glue and the hinge gaps were not straight or large enough. This heavily limits the throw on all surfaces. Easily fixable and should fly nicely.

Helidirect packaged and shipped my order within hours of me placing it, and it arrived quickly and in good shape.

Barry M.(.

Quality fit and finish. Quality, heavy duty accessories.

Eric N.(.
almost perfect

I really appreciate the quality of construction. The only problem is the use of electric over gas or nitro. The landing gear are are too close to the ground for proper prop clearance with a E90 motor and a 16" prop. I had to go to 5" wheels and a 14" prop in order to fly. Flight characteristics are great. I highly recommend this this plane

Edward M.(.
Flys Beautifully

The covering on this plane was really well done. Although I did re glue and fortify the tail Feathers, the plain is pretty solid. I flew it with a 55 O.S. Two stroke. More than enough power. No additional trims. Flew beautifully.


Instructions are lacking. Hinges had glue all over them and the control surfaces wouldn't move. Took an hour to clean that up. I was curious if thrust angle was compensated in the the firewall. Also I wanted to know if there were and throw recommendations so I emailed the company. Here is there response: ,
For flaps I don't know...maybe 1/2 to 3/4"?  it is a stick...there are no set good settings you just try it and see what you like.
For the motor mount...it is easy enough to measure...you will need to shim if you feels it is needed.
Best Regards,

To sum it up I will never buy another VMAR product again.

john k.(.
Big stick

Received on Wednesday flew saturday! Perfect fit and finish . Very easy to assemble , light and strong perfect finish. 5020 650kv cermark brushless 13+10 prop hovers!!!! On 6 cells