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SAB Goblin 570 Helicopter Kit Kyle Stacy Edition

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Following the success of of Goblin 700 Kyle Stacy Edition, SAB has announced the new Goblin 570 Kyle Stacy Edition
Main features:

  • Full carbon canopy and boom
  • HPS3 tri-bladed main rotor head - H0490-K
  • New CNC Delrin Main Gear - H0423-S
  • 540mm SAB Blackline main blades 3BL540-3DS and 104mm tail blades BW5104


Kyle Stacy flying the Goblin 570 KSE



Kyle Stacy said about Goblin 570 KSE:


 The Goblin 570 Kyle Stacy Edition is the perfect helicopter for either learning to fly or perfecting your 3D maneuvers. Being able to run on 6 cell battery or a 12 cell setup makes it one of the most versatile machines available.


The HPS 3 rotor head makes it an incridibly smooth, stable and agile machine, all while maintaining it's strong presence in the air. This is my absolute favourite helicopter to fly and i hope you love it as much as i do.




General Specifications
Electronic Specifications
• Main rotor diameter:  1218 mm (with 540 mm tri-blades)
 FBL System
• Main blade length support: 540 to 575mm
• Tail rotor diameter: 278 mm
• Tail blade length: 104 mm
• Main shaft diameter: 10 mm
• Spindle shaft diameter: 8 mm
• Weight including electronics: about 2450 g (excluding batteries).
Special Features:
• Full carbon boom
• Battery tray for 6S and 12S packs
 Inside carbon rod
 Dampened tail system

• Typical Speed Controller: 
• Maximum motor size: 4025 size (52 mm diameter, 56 mm height)
12S 500-700 Kv
• Battery compartment: 
Kit Includes:
• 21T motor pulley (other pulley sizes available)
• 1 battery tray with straps
• 540 mm  tri-blades main rotor set
104 mm tail blades
The following motor pulleys are available:

H0215-16-S-16T Pinion = ratio 12.9:1

H0215-17-S-17T Pinion = ratio 12.2:1

H0215-18-S-18T Pinion = ratio 11.5:1

H0215-19-S-19T Pinion = ratio 10.9:1


H0215-20-S-20T Pinion = ratio 10.3:1

H0215-21-S-21T Pinion = ratio 9.8:1

H0215-22-S-22T Pinion = ratio 9.4:1

H0215-23-S-23T Pinion = ratio 9:1

H0215-24-S-24T Pinion = ratio 8.5:1

    All these motor pulleys are for a 6 mm motor shaft. Each pulley includes an adapter for 5 mm motor shafts.


• HPS3 main rotor head
• 10mm high strength steel main shaft
• 8mm high strength steel spindle shaft

• 2mm carbon frames.

• Stronger main gear, Gates GT3 motor belts, 10 mm one-way bearing
• Strong landing gear. Landing gear mounting brackets do not require bolts to be installed. The brackets are a break point during a crash preserving frames and other important parts



• Aluminum tail case for increased stiffness.
• Dampened tail system for increased vibration tolerance
• 6S and 12 S battery

• Battery tray with lock system.

• Nylon bolt break-away system to preserve the boom during a crash

• Aluminum ESC support

• Standard size cycling servos

• Standard size tail servo
• Canopy saver, protects the canopy edges from scuffing.

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Spare & Accessories

  1. Out Stock Canomod Airbrush Canopy SAB Red/Carbon - Goblin 570
  2. Out Stock Canomod Airbrush Canopy SAB Yellow/Carbon - Goblin 570 Canomod Airbrush Canopy SAB Yellow/Carbon - Goblin 570
  3. In Stock Carbon Fiber Tail Boom SAB Red/Carbon - Goblin 570
  4. In Stock Carbon Fiber Tail Boom SAB Yellow/Carbon - Goblin 570 Carbon Fiber Tail Boom SAB Yellow/Carbon - Goblin 570
  5. In Stock SAB  Main Frame Edge Protection (2mm frame) SAB  Main Frame Edge Protection (2mm frame)
  6. In Stock SAB Aluminum Center Hub HPS3 - Goblin 500/570
  7. Out Stock SAB Aluminum Cooling Motor Mount - Goblin 570
  8. In Stock SAB Aluminum Finishing Washers Black Matte (10pcs)
  9. In Stock SAB Aluminum Front Tail Pulley 28T - Goblin 570 [H0304-S]
  10. In Stock SAB Aluminum Motor Mount - Goblin 570 [H0291-S]
  11. In Stock SAB Aluminum Motor Pulley Z16 - Goblin 500/570 [H0215-16-S]
  12. In Stock SAB Aluminum Motor Pulley Z17 - Goblin 500/570 [H0215-17-S]
  13. In Stock SAB Aluminum Motor Pulley Z18 - Goblin 500/570 [H0215-18-S]
  14. In Stock SAB Aluminum Motor Pulley Z19 - Goblin 500/570 [H0215-19-S]
  15. In Stock SAB Aluminum Motor Pulley Z20 - Goblin 500/570 [H0215-20-S]
  16. In Stock SAB Aluminum Motor Pulley Z21 - Goblin 500/570 [H0215-21-S]
  17. In Stock SAB Aluminum Motor Pulley Z22 - Goblin 500/570 [H0215-22-S]
  18. In Stock SAB Aluminum Motor Pulley Z23 - Goblin 500/570 [H0215-23-S]
  19. In Stock SAB Aluminum Motor Pulley Z24 - Goblin 500/570 [H0215-24-S]
  20. In Stock SAB Aluminum One Way Pulley - Goblin 570 [H0295-S]
  21. In Stock SAB Aluminum Servo Block - Goblin 570 [H0392-S]
  22. In Stock SAB Aluminum Servo Support - Goblin 500/570 [H0208-S]
  23. In Stock SAB Aluminum Servo Support - Goblin 570 [H0397-S]
  24. In Stock SAB Aluminum Spacer 28mm - Goblin 500/570 [H0216-S]
  25. In Stock SAB Aluminum Tail Blade Grip - Goblin 500/570 [H0236-S]
  26. In Stock SAB Aluminum Tail Boom Block - Goblin 570 [H0296-S]
  27. In Stock SAB Aluminum Tail Pulley 21T - Goblin 570 [H0305-S]
  28. In Stock SAB Aluminum Tail Side Plate - Goblin 570 [H0297-S]
  29. In Stock SAB Battery Strap 540mm L 25mm W - Goblin 570 [HA027-S]
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  31. In Stock SAB Canopy Grommet(5pcs) - Goblin 500/570 [HA021-S]
  32. In Stock SAB Canopy Mousse - Goblin 500/570/630/700/770 [HA006-S]
  33. In Stock SAB Carbon Fiber Battery Tray - Goblin 570 [H0311-S]
  34. In Stock SAB Carbon Fiber Landing - Goblin 570 [H0385-S]
  35. In Stock SAB Carbon Fiber Main Frame (1pc) - Goblin 570 [H0290-S]
  36. In Stock SAB Carbon Fiber Sensor Support - Goblin 500/570 [H0224-S]
  37. In Stock SAB Carbon Fiber Servo Mount - Goblin 570 [H0308-S]
  38. In Stock SAB Carbon Fiber Tail Boom Block - Goblin 570
  39. In Stock SAB Carbon Fiber Tail Push Rod - Goblin 570 [HC240-S]
  40. In Stock SAB Carbon Fiber Vertical Fin - Goblin 570 [H0288-S]
  41. In Stock SAB CNC Delrin Main Gear - Goblin 500/570
  42. In Stock SAB Delrin Tecno Dampener HPS G500/570 [H0425-S] SAB Delrin Tecno Dampener HPS G500/570 [H0425-S]
  43. In Stock SAB DOUBLE-SIDED  TAPE 100x35x1
  44. In Stock SAB Foam Blades Holder HPS3 - Goblin 500/570
  45. Out Stock SAB Goblin 500/570 Carry Bag SAB Goblin 500/570 Carry Bag
  46. Out Stock SAB Goblin Decal
  47. Out Stock SAB HELI DIVISION Decal
  48. In Stock SAB HELI DIVISION Keychain
  49. In Stock SAB HELIDIVISION Futaba Servo Horn
  50. In Stock SAB High Performance HTD Motor Belt - Goblin 570 [HC346-S]
  51. In Stock SAB High Performance Tail Belt - Goblin 570 [HC349-S]
  52. In Stock SAB JR Servo Horn SAB JR Servo Horn
  53. In Stock SAB Oring Dampener - Goblin 500/570 [HC330-S]
  54. In Stock SAB Plastic Carbon Rod Support - Goblin 570 [H0394-S]
  55. In Stock SAB Plastic Landing Gear Set - Goblin 570 [H0386-S]