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SAB Goblin 570 Sport Electric Helicopter Kit - Yellow

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The Goblin 570 Sport is an evolution from the original Goblin 570.

The new Goblin 570 Sport features an "F3C style" landing gear, similar to the landing gear that comes with the Goblin Thunder Sport 700, as well as a more affordable canopy and boom in a great new scheme. This kit comes with a new "Series S" SAB main and tail blades!
Utilizing the HPS (High Precision Head System) Flybarless Head, a strong main gear, Gates GT3 belts and a 10mm one way bearing, the Goblin 570 delivers precision control and reliable power delivery from either a 6S or 12S power system. The kit includes blades, a battery strap and a 21 tooth motor pulley, so just add your electronics and get ready for a completely unique Goblin experience.

The updated Sport Line now offers high visibility Neon Paint, providing a visually pleasing and confidence inspiring styling for all aspects of flight.


HPS FBL System (High Precision Head System)
10mm high strength steel main shaft
8mm high strength steel spindle shaft
G10 Frames - Lower Cost!
F3C Style Landing Gear
Fiberglass Lightweight Canopy (160g)
Updated Tail Belt Tensioning System
"S Series" Main and Tail Blades
Stronger main gear, Gates GT3 motor belts, 10mm one-way bearing
Aluminum tail case for increased stiffness
Dampened tail system for increased vibration tolerance
Compatible with 6S or 12S battery setups
Battery tray with lock system
Full carbon boom
Dampened tail system
Nylon bolt break-away system to preserve the boom during a crash
Aluminum ESC support
Standard size cyclic servos
Standard size tail servo
Canopy saver, protects the canopy edges from scuffing


    Main rotor diameter:  1278 mm (with 570 mm blades)
    Main blade length: 550 to 575mm
    Tail rotor diameter: 260 mm
    Tail blade length: 95 mm
    Main shaft diameter: 10 mm
    Spindle shaft diameter: 8 mm
    Weight including electronics: 2400 g (excluding batteries

Recommend RC Components:

    Swashplate Servo: BK DS-7002HV, MKS
    Tail Servo: BK DS-7006HV; Futaba BLS276 SV, MKS HBL 960
    Flybarless-System: Vstabi Neo; Axon, Microbeast

Recommend Electric Power:

    Brushless ESC:sab-goblin-570-sport-line-main-gear-woh.png
    - 6S Setup: Scorpion Tribunus 06-120A SBEC, YGE-135LVT, Hobbywing 120A, Kontronik Jive 100 LV
    - 12S Setup: Scorpion Tribunus 12-130A SBEC, YGE-120HVT, Hobbywing 130A, Jive Pro 120
    - 6S Setup: Scorpion HKIII-4025-1100, XNOVA 4020-1200 (B & A), Pyro 650-103,  KDE 550XF-1200-G3
    - 12S Setup: Scorpion HKIII-4025-550, XNOVA 4025-560 (B & A), Pyro 650-62,  KDE 550XF-565-G3
    Lipo Batteries:
    6S Setup: 6S 5000-5500 mAh
    12S Setup: 12S 2600-3300 mAh

Goblin 570 Sport Line Kit
Battery Tray w/Straps
570mm "S Series" main blades
95mm "S Series" tail blades


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    Operating Speed: 0.048sec/60°@6.0V
    Operating Speed: 0.042sec/60°@7.4V
    Operating Speed: 0.039sec/60°@8.4V
    Stall Torque: 7.5Kg.cm@8.4V
    Stall Torque: 6.5Kg.cm@7.4V 
    Stall Torque: 5.5Kg.cm@6.0V
    Dimensions: 40.5*20*37mm
    Operating Voltage: 6.0V-8.4V
    Operating signal
    : 760us / 560Hz
    Motor type: Brushless
    Ball Bearing: 2BB
    Weight: 70g

    Usage: for 550-700 Class Helicopter Tail


    High quality brushless motors
    High strength 2BB ball bearings
    Standard rudder servo arm
    Metal steering gear, long service life
    Good performance digital servos

    Package Included:

    1 x KST BLS805X 7.5KG Torque Metal Gear Servo for 550-700 Class Helicopter Tail

  21. In Stock Xnova Lightening Outrunner Motor 4020 - 1200KV 2Y For RC Helicopter Shaft A

    Xnova 4020-1200KV 2Y
    We have spent hours of testing to improve the very well established 4020 series. The result is an even better overall performing motor with extreme low cogging torque and increased efficiency. This all will provide you a cooler running motor and also more consistent power delivery over the full flight. The Xnova V3 lightning series is the highest level of motor performance money can buy nowadays.
    Xnova brushless high performance outrunner motor for 480-600 helicopters on 6S up to 8S setups. Excellent choice for Goblin 500, Logo 480, Gaui X5 or Synergie E5. The choice for hard 3D flying.Best power to wheight setup.
    1. Improved higher efficiency with thinner stator lamination, resulting in lower temperature.
    2. Optimized and unique design, hand wound to perfection
    3. Smooth running, low cogging torque.
    4. New type of higher degree magnets.
    5. All other features same as performance series.
    Xnova LIGHTNING 4020 series
    The 4020 series are extremly powerfull and perfect for any 480mm up to 600mm Blade Heli flying on 6S up to 8S, ( KV related )

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  23. In Stock Mikado VBar Neo and Gyrosensor  6.1 Express
  24. In Stock Xpert R2T Standard Size Aluminum Tail Servo Xpert R2T Standard Size Aluminum Tail Servo


    • Quick release cable that allows easy and quick installation for all helicopters.
    • Brushless motor design provides extremely high speed, top efficiency, and low power consumption.
    • 4096 resolution and SIC (Single Integrated Circuit) for the highest performance and durability.
    • Light weight design
    • Aluminum upper and center case.
    • Plastic bottom case.
    • Strong Metal Gear
    • Glitch-free
    • Sophisticated error correction
    • High-Speed, High-precision 12-bit AD converter and CPU calculation
    • Fail safe
    • Over current protection
    • Over temperature protection
    • Start sonorant
    • 760us narrow band
    • Operating frequency up to 800Hz

    Product Note: Not compatible (will not function) with Bavarian Demon 3SX & Bavarian Demon 3X. Fully functional with latest "Axom" Bavarian Demon products.

  25. In Stock Castle Creations Talon 120HV 120A 12S Max HD BEC
  26. Back-Order Bert Kammerer  MULTI SIZE TAIL SERVO DS-7005HV

    BK HV Tail Servo - For The Ultimate in 3D Demand

    Utilizing standard sized motors in a mini sized servo package, the BK servo line has tremendous torque available for the most demanding cyclic setup, incorporating blistering speed and precision for the best in overall performance. 

    Set apart in an anodized CNC aluminum case with High Voltage capability, the BK servo line is what top pilots look for in terms of outright helicopter performance, and since these servos were specified by Bert Kammerer, you can rest assured that performance was the key element from the very beginning .

    Order your BK servos today - high quality, performance orientated electronics for the pilot that demands the very best. 


    * Standard Size Top Case
    * Full Size / Standard Motor
    * Exposed Motor for Greater Cooling Capability
    * CNC Anodized Aluminum Casing
    * Metal Gears for Greater Strength
    * High Voltage / 8.4V Ready - No Voltage Regulator Required
    * Blazing Speed & Incredible Torque
    * Replacement Gears Available for Service & Repair
    * Mini Sized for 500 Class Helicopters
    * Coreless Motor - Greater Torque


    (1) DS-7005HV BK Tail Servo


    Operating Voltage: 6.0V - 8.4V 
    Weight: 50g (1.70 oz)

    - 8.4 kg/cm (116.7 oz/in) @ 6.0V
    - 9.6 kg/cm (133.3 oz/in) @ 7.4V
    - 10.6 kg/cm (147.2 oz/in) @ 8.4V
    - 0.035 sec/60 @ 6.0V
    - 0.032 sec/60 @ 7.4V
    - 0.030 sec/60 @ 8.4V

    Dimensions: 15mm x 36mm x 35.5mm
    Gear Construction: 7075 Aluminum
    Motor Type: Coreless
    Frequency: 760us / 333hz


    All 500 / 600 / 700 / 800 Helicopters (SAB Goblin 500/630/700/770 / HD Cell 500)

    Note: Standard Size Top case - Will NOT fit in a normal mini sized servo layout.

  27. Back-Order Kontronik JIVE Pro 120+ HV  Brushless ESC
    esc, escs, kontronik esc, kontronik escs, hobby wing escs, hobbywing esc, electronic speed controllers, electronic speed controller
  28. In Stock HobbyWing Platinum PRO V4 120A ESC (3S-6S)
    Model Platinum 120A V4 ESC
    Application 500- 550 Class Helicopter
    Input Voltage 3-6S Lipo
    Cont./Peak Current (10s) 120A/150A
    (Switch-mode) BEC 5V-8V Adjustable (Step: 0.1V), 10A/25A Cont./Peak
    Separate Programming Port For connecting LCD Program Box/WIFI Express
    Throttle Signal/BEC Output/RPM Signal Transmission Wire(s) White Throttle Signal Wire/Red & Black and Red&Brown BEC Output Wires/Yellow RPM Signal Transmission Wire
    Input Wires Red-12AWG-150mm*1/Black-12AWG-150mm*
    Output Wires Black-12AWG-100mm*3
    Output connector 4.0mm Gold Connectors (Female)
    Size 84.3x38.2x20.4mm
    Weight 107g / 3.77oz
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    esc, escs, castle creations esc, castle creations escs, castle esc, castle escs, electronic speed controller, electronic speed controllers
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