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SAB Goblin Black Nitro Sport (Main & Tail Rotor Blades NOT Included)

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The new Goblin Black Nitro 700 is the contimuous of the Goblin Black Nitro 650 which performs with 690mm main blades and 115mm tail blades - main and tail rotor blades NOT included with kit.

In addition to the flight characteristics, we have paid special attention to making all maintenance work quick and easy. The SAB modular concept allows you to remove the engine unit and the tank in just a few minutes.

General Specifications:

Kit Includes:

(1) SAB Goblin Black Nitro Sport Kit

Required for Flight:

(1) Nitro Engine
(1) Nitro Muffler
(3) Cyclic Servos
(1) Rudder Servo
(1) Throttle Servo
(1) 7+ Channel Transmitter
(1) Receiver
(1) Flybarless Flight Controller
(1) Miscellaneous Nitro Equipment



The center of gravity is one of the most essential items to a nitro model. We made it a priority to have a high and neutral center of gravity. The fuel tank is located in the center of the main shaft so that as the fuel level changes, the center of gravity remains the same.

//www.goblin-helicopter.com/shop/images/Nitro Center of Gravity1.JPG

The engine and all of its components are in one modular design. With 4 bolts, you can easily remove and install the entire engine assembly from the model.

//www.goblin-helicopter.com/shop/images/G-Nitro Module 11.JPG

Starting assembly, clutch stack, fan and motor pulley are installed on one shaft that is directly mounted onto the engine itself. This assures that everything with the engine is perfectly aligned for smooth transmission.

//www.goblin-helicopter.com/shop/images/Engine Clutch1.JPG


//www.goblin-helicopter.com/shop/images/Nitro 700 dimension.jpg

//www.goblin-helicopter.com/shop/images/1Nitro 011.jpg //www.goblin-helicopter.com/shop/images/1Nitro 02.jpg //www.goblin-helicopter.com/shop/images/1Nitro 03.jpg //www.goblin-helicopter.com/shop/images/1Nitro 04.jpg
  • Goblin Black Nitro Body
  • Goblin Black Nitro Body
  • Engine Unit 
  • RX battery support 
//www.goblin-helicopter.com/shop/images/1Nitro 05.jpg //www.goblin-helicopter.com/shop/images/1Nitro 06.jpg //www.goblin-helicopter.com/shop/images/1Nitro 07-1.jpg //www.goblin-helicopter.com/shop/images/2Nitro 08.jpg
  • RPM sensor rooms
  • Main gear CNC H0405 (aluminum/delrin)
  • Black Matte Components,  Swashplate with high quality spherical bearing.
> Main & Tail Rotor Blades NOT Included. Items Sold Separately.
//www.goblin-helicopter.com/shop/images/2Nitro 09.JPG //www.goblin-helicopter.com/shop/images/1Nitro 10-2.jpg //www.goblin-helicopter.com/shop/images/1Nitro 101.jpg //www.goblin-helicopter.com/shop/images/1Nitro 12.jpg
  • Boom obtained with different technology, 80 grams less than old G630 solution. Black Matte tail parts.
  • Full carbon Canopy, New Quick Canopy release
  • Serial Number engraved on the main plate
  • Different Ratio available [ 8.24 ( 28T ), 7.92( 27T ) or 8.23 ( 26T )]

//www.goblin-helicopter.com/shop/images/HA054-S.jpg //www.goblin-helicopter.com/shop/images/H0726-S.jpg //www.goblin-helicopter.com/shop/images/7Y7A5831a.jpg //www.goblin-helicopter.com/shop/images/H0707-S.JPG
  • HA054. ONE-WAY STARTER ROD. Ø25 mm starter connection, 6mm hex tip.
  • H0726-S. SHAFT CLAIM. Used to lock the crankshaft during clutch assembly.
  • HM060. CARRY BAG 700 SIZE. Allows for safe transport and protects from minor bumps and scratches.
  • H0707-S. GOBLIN SWASHPLATE LEVELER. Helps you setup a perfectly level swashplate.
  • H0686T-S. ALUMINUM TANK SUPPORT. Very thin, allowing for better visibility of the tank.

//www.goblin-helicopter.com/shop/images/Galery Nitro 01 (1).jpg //www.goblin-helicopter.com/shop/images/Galery Nitro 01 (2).jpg
//www.goblin-helicopter.com/shop/images/Galery Nitro 01 (3).JPG //www.goblin-helicopter.com/shop/images/Galery Nitro 01 (4).jpg

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