SAB Goblin Fireball 280 - Double the Heat.

Want to double your SAB fun? Order (1) SG280 or (1) SG281 Goblin Fireball 280, and you will be entered to win (1) additional SG280 SAB Goblin Fireball kit! Whether you share it with your favorite buddy or keep it for yourself, set up your pre-order while time allows for the chance to double your 280 fun. This promo applies to all current pre-orders and extends till June 28th. Order now for your chance to double the SAB goodness, as this promo is limited and will expire as of June 28th!

Promotion Details
Promotion applies to all SG280 & SG281 pre-orders created, and is valid till June 28th. (1) winning entrant will be chosen at random to win (1) SG280 kit. Winning entrant will be contacted via email and announcement of winner will be made via Facebook. SG280 kit cannot be exchanged for alternate items, credit, cash or otherwise. Winning entrant will be shipped (1) SG280 kit as soon as stock is available.

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