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Dealer Shipping Information:

Prestige RC stores your current shipping address information within our secure system, whether inputted by you, or with the help of one of our customer service representatives. Our system will allow multiple shipping addresses to be inputted, offering the dealer maximum flexibility when shipping orders to differing addresses.

As for current and updated shipping addresses within the Prestige RC system, it is the dealers sole responsibility to update any changes and or corrections via our online account system, or by contacting our customer service department to make these changes.

When it comes to selecting the shipping address of your order, the dealer has the option to input any number of differing shipping / billing addresses, and the Prestige RC checkout system allows you to choose the address of choice for proper shipping location.

Please be aware that Prestige RC cannot / will not be held responsible for any order(s) being shipped to an incorrect address, as all such shipping addresses are selected by the dealer during the checkout phase, and our system will only ship to the address selected.

Default Addresses:

Within the Address Book section, you will have the ability to select a default Shipping & Billing address, allowing you to choose the most common addresses utilized. Please be aware that when the noted default address is selected, this will be the address our system automatically populates when an order is being created online or over the phone via one of our support agents.

In relation to default addresses, please be sure to make our agents aware in the case where the default address will not be correct, such as for an exchange or warranty order. If multiple addresses are on file, our staff will utilize the default address unless directed otherwise in relation to warranty support based orders.

PayPal Address Info:

In regards to payment via PayPal, the address listed within your PayPal account will not be populated when an order is created. As noted above, it is imperative that the proper shipping address is selected at checkout, as this is the address of choice that will be noted with your order, no matter what address is used with your PayPal account.

Free Ground Shipping:

With an order $1,000.00 or greater, we are happy to offer Free Ground Shipping within the USA, Lower 48 states only – AK & HI do not apply. Free Ground / Economy Shipping can ship out via UPS Ground, FedEx or USPS Priority / 1st Class Mail. These shipping methods are at the discretion of our shipping staff based upon economy rates, and cannot be selected or specified.

Please note that with Free Shipping, we do not guarantee any delivery time, as the Free Shipping method chosen ships via economy ground method and will vary upon delivery time in relation to your locale. If the parcel is required to be delivered within a specified time frame, it is the dealers responsibility to choose the method of shipping that will meet this demand.

If you are in need of a faster delivery time frame, we highly suggest that you pay for a quicker method, as Free Shipping is based upon Economy (5 to 7 days), and is not guaranteed.

If a faster / paid shipping method is chosen with an order that qualifies for free shipping, please know that we are unable to offer any credit or discount towards this alternative shipping method.

Estimated Delivery Times:

Estimated delivery of your order can vary greatly, depending upon the shipment date of your order, your location regarding parcel delivery, and what shipping method has been chosen. Please be sure to factor these matters in when it comes to proper delivery of your parcel in relation to the time frame required.

If you are in need of an order in rapid fashion, or are needing an order by a specified delivery date, we recommend contacting us, and we can provide you with the necessary feedback to help you meet this delivery date.

Lost Orders:

If you feel that your order(s) have been lost in transit, please contact our customer service department with your order number for help. Depending upon the carrier, we can initiate a trace for you and determine what may be the problem with your delivery.

Relating to parcels that have been delayed or gone missing within the USA, the vast majority of traces filed are successful regarding delivery of the parcel. This process can take up to (14) days, but is often resolved in short order.

If your package has been lost via the carrier, we can re-ship for you if you have selected the optional insurance at checkout, or if the carrier provides insurance with the parcel. Please note that we can only re-ship an insured / covered parcel that has been lost once the trace has been fully completed.

Missing Parts or Items:

If your order happens to be missing a specific part or item, please contact our customer service department with your order number and details of missing item(s), and we will happy arrange a proper replacement for this item or items. In some instances, the manufacturer may send these parts direct; in this case, we will provide you with all the necessary information to make this request via the proper manufacturer.

Domestic Shipping FAQ’s:

Q: When Will My Order Ship?
A: The lion's share of our orders ship same day, with some orders shipping the following day. However, due to multiple shipping variables & demands upon our staff, we are unable to guarantee same day shipping, even for orders placed early in the day.
Q: If I Ship Overnight, Am I Guaranteed to Receive My Order the Next Day?
A: If you select UPS or FedEx Overnight, your order is guaranteed to arrive the following day (after your order ships) via the specified carrier. Be aware same day shipping is not guaranteed.

To make sure your order meets your expedited shipping timeframe, we ask that you Contact Us for greater support. This will allow us to make sure we are able to ship within the proper time frame based upon order size, shipping demand and our current shipping window.

Q: USPS / FedEx & UPS Note Specific Days the Order Will Arrive In – Is This Accurate?
A: USPS, FedEx & UPS give “estimates” of when an order will arrive based upon the method of shipping (such as USPS Priority Mail, which states “2 to 3 Days”). However, this is only an estimate, and cannot be guaranteed.

With UPS & FedEx, depending upon your locale, the amount of days for shipping can be as little as 1 day, but this is not guaranteed, such as “Next Day Air” or “2 Day Air.” Please keep in mind that anything other than “2nd Day Air” & “Next Day Air” via UPS or FedEx are not guaranteed in terms of arrival time.

Q: I’m Local or Will Be In Your Area – Can I Pick Up My Order?
A: Yes – we offer “In House” pickups if you are local to our area, or are visiting within our area. To accomplish this, please choose the "Local Store Pick Up" option that can be found in the range of shipping options we offer. When this is selected and your order is processed by our team, we will set your order to "Complete" status and will hold your order for local pickup.

When you arrive at our showroom for local pickup, please have your order number ready so we can easily source your order. Also, please be aware that processing your order takes time, so we recommend that you wait till you receive a message via email about the status of your order so you do not end up waiting for your order upon arrival.

For larger orders or time sensitive order pickup's, we recommend contacting our staff so we can check your order status and verify the order will be ready for you by the time you reach our facility.

Q: I Selected Free Shipping – What Shipping Method Will My Order Ship Out With?
A: With Free Shipping, our staff will ship out your order via economy based ground method, which can vary from UPS Ground, FedEx Ground, USPS 1st Class Mail, or USPS Priority Mail.

If you are in need of a faster delivery time, we highly suggest that you pay for a quicker method, as Free Shipping is based upon Economy (5 to 7 days), and is not guaranteed in terms of delivery time.

Q: I Can Only Receive Orders via a Specific Carrier – What Are My Free Shipping Options?
A: If you are only able to receive a specified carrier, please note Free Shipping should not be selected, as our shipping staff will ship your order based upon economy options, which may not meet your specified shipper criteria.

In this instance, we would suggest selecting the shipping carrier that works best for you and not select the Free Shipping option during checkout.

Q: I Selected Priority Mail (2 to 3 Days), and My Order Is Late – Will My Shipping Be Refunded?
A: Priority Mail (within the USA), is quite accurate, and is almost always delivered on time, but is not guaranteed to arrive within 2 to 3 days. The only methods guaranteed by the carrier to arrive in a specific span of time is UPS or FedEx via select methods, such as 2nd Day Air & Next Day Air.

Prestige RC in no way guarantees any shipping method that is not guaranteed by the carrier. The only carriers we work with that guarantee shipping times is UPS & FedEx via Next Day & 2nd Day options. Please be aware that even with a USPS Express method of shipment, shipping times can still be (2) days if the distance is great, so we do not recommend this method for a guaranteed method.
Q: Can I Waive “Signature Required” Orders?
A: Yes – if you have an order that has yet to ship and you want to waive a signature, we would be happy to assist. Please keep in mind that we will not be responsible for any lost or stolen orders upon arrival.

This no signature option can be selected during the checkout phase, so please be sure to select this option if a signature required will cause order delivery issues.

As for orders that have already shipped out with a “Signature Required” status, due to constraints with UPS and FedEx, the signature required status cannot be removed by us. However, a few options exist, as noted below.

In a case of a Signature Required option that will cause delivery issues, UPS offers the "My Choice" program that will allow you to remove the signature option before delivery. As for FedEx, please contact FedEx customer service for options of this type.

Q: I Just Placed an Order Online – Can I Modify It?
A: Unfortunately, no. Our system will not allow order modifications once your order has been placed. However, if you can reach one of our reps before your order ships, we can cancel the order for you, allowing you to place a new order with the proper items necessary.

Please be aware that if the above cancel option is used, your new order may not be able to ship same day, and could carry over till the following business day for proper shipment.

Q: I Just Received a Tracking Number, but It Doesn’t Work?
A: Once your order is shipped via UPS, FedEx or USPS, the tracking number will not be “live” till the carrier picks up your order. Depending upon the carrier or method of shipping, this may take up to a few days.

With orders placed later in the day, the order may be marked as a "Complete" status with tracking number. However, even though a “Complete” status is shown with email tracking info, please be aware that these orders may not ship out till the following business day, with tracking updates following in the same time frame.

Q: My Package Is Delayed – What Do I Do?
A: If your order is delayed, please check your tracking number first, and if the info has not changed over several days, please contact us for help. We can contact the carrier for trace support, and we will do our best to assist you with any solutions available.

Q: My Order Arrived with Damage or Errors – What Can I Do?
A: In the case of any order errors or product damage not related to shipping damage via the carrier, please Contact Us for help.

For rapid service, please provide your order number, along with all pertinent details in relation to the noted issue(s), and our staff will happily assist.

Q: My Order Arrived with Shipping Damage – What Should I Do?
A: If your order arrives with apparent shipping damage, please do not open the parcel. It is best to take a few pictures of the damaged box, and once set, please Contact Us for support so we can provide you with options.

If the parcel is opened, please do not throw away damaged the box, as this will be necessary if a carrier claim needs to be opened.

International Shipping FAQ:

Q: I’m an International Customer – When Will My Order Arrive?
A: Depending on what shipping method you choose, your order can arrive within a varying span of time, which will be noted as "estimates" via the shipping page.

Regarding shipping methods with the greatest level of speed and security, UPS offers the best overall options. We recommend a UPS shipping option for all high value international based orders.

Q: Do International Dealers Qualify for Free Shipping?
A: No – due to the high shipping costs internationally, we unfortunately cannot offer free shipping for international orders.

Q: I’m an International Dealer – Am I Guaranteed My Order Will Arrive In the Stated Time?
A: USPS & UPS will list an “estimated” shipping time, but this is not guaranteed due to international delays, customs, and other such issues when shipping out of country.

Please note we cannot be held responsible for any international shipping delay, as this is beyond our control, and not guaranteed by the carrier.
Q: I Live Internationally – Can My Order Ship to a USA Based Address?
A: Yes – simply input the address of choice during checkout, and we will happily ship your order to whatever address you see fit.

 Q: My Order Has Not Arrived – What Do I Do?
A: If your order is delayed beyond 2 weeks, please Contact Us with your order number, and we will look into this for you. If we cannot solve the problem, we can file a trace via the carrier, and we will do our very best to resolve the problem for you.

Please note that once a trace is filed, the feedback via the carrier can take up to 3 weeks to resolve the matter, so please remain patient with us, as we have no viable way to speed this process along.

Q: My Order Is Stuck In Customs – What Do I Do?
A: If your order is delayed via customs, please contact your local customs agent, provide them with the tracking info or package label number, and see what they are in need of. If an invoice is needed, or some sort of document is required, please Contact Us for help.

Please bear in mind that we are not responsible for any customs delay or fees, and we have no control, whatsoever, over your order once it has left our facility.