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GoPro Hero 3 Adapter Cable for FPV Video Tx

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GPC03 - GoPro Hero 3 FPV Cable

Looking to make FPV even more simple? By using this cable with your GoPro Hero 3 camera, you can now use your Hero 3 camera as your dedicated live video feed, all the while allowing your GoPro to film the flight in HD. By using this cable, you do away with the need of a separate CCD / FPV camera, which makes life all the more simple, allowing your build to be more compact & clutter free.

Usage: GPC03 Cable will attach to your Video Transmitter, allowing your GoPro Hero 3 to become your live video viewing device.

Product Note: The video transmitter's power output will not transfer power to your GoPro camera - be sure your GoPro has a fully charged battery; if the battery fails in flight, you will lose your video feed.

Included: (1) GPC03 Cable for the GoPro Hero 3 - Not Applicable for Older GoPro Models.


FPV Safety:

FPV flight offers new realms of possibility, putting you in the pilot's seat with a view like no other. Not only are you able to fly in a whole new way, but new elements of range & altitudes can be obtained, bringing an all new element of RC flight.

It is always the responsibility of the pilot to make sure that the aircraft is being operated safely, and within safe limits. Respect full scale pilots - NEVER exceed altitudes of 400' or greater, and never operate near active airports or runways. Always operate in safe environments, away from people, animals and otherwise.

It is always recommended to have a partner / buddy to keep your aircraft in sight in case of video drop out. Always be sure to practice safety, and always be sure to never exceed the limits of your RC transmitter. Never fly in populated areas where people are present, and always fly in areas that will not be compromised if a crash were to occur.

With higher power FPV systems, there is the complete possibility of flying beyond the range of your RC transmitter - be sure to take all proper precautions to avoid this, as any such situations are not covered under any element of warranty, repair, refund, credit or otherwise. In short, common sense is key - use good judgment, and practice safety with every flight.

HeliDirect LLC, or any company associated with HeliDirect LLC, will not be held liable for damage, personal injury, property damage, or any liability associated with any aspect of FPV flight - the end user accepts ALL risks & responsibilities.


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