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A while back, Turbo Racing realeased a 1:76 mini RC car that has great features suc as proportional steering, throttle, high speed long run time, compact and fast for indoor race courses. The 1:76 became a big success for mini Car lovers. To continue the success, C71 was released with a longer body and a bunch of other upgrades. However, after the brief release, the C71 is then replaced by a newer chasis and named C72 and C73. Let's find out how these new design and chasis stack up to the known and loved mini 1:76 by Turbo Racing! 

Is Turbo Racing 1:76 worth buying?

Whether a veteran or a beginer you are to RC cars. Turbo Racing can still put a smile on your face for its fun factor and inexpensive price point. These are robust, fast, good looking, packed with features that rarely see on cars on this scale. With 2 of these and a small table top track, you and your family/friends can have loads of fun racing against each other with you spending too much for larger clunky race cars. For under $80 - ready to ride kit, I'd say Turbo Racing 1:76 is worth every penny, and I'll buy them again just to make fun of my friends seeing me crushing them in races.