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Micro iKON Flybarless System - 450 size and smaller (T-Rex 250/450, Oxy3, Blade 180CFX) - NO USB Cable

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Update: iKON released new software in November 2015. 
Please download the latest software below.


Each time you run the software, new versions will be automatically offered (if your computer is connected to the internet). Please always accept these updates. Additionally, after updating your software, always be connected to the internet the next time you plug in your iKON – in this way any new firmware will be offered. Always update the firmware, as often software updates require a new firmware for your iKON to function correctly.

Download the latest iKon configuration software (1.0.018) here


iKon Configuration Android App


Download the iKon Manual Here


Read the Product Review from RCHeli Nation Here



Notes for Windows 8 Users: 

The digital signing requirement on windows 8 may need to be turned off to get the IKON drivers to work with Windows 8.


Click here to download driver for the Windows 8/8.1

Download it, unzip it, then go to device manager, select update driver, then point it to the directory where you unzipped the signed driver, click ok and it should ask you if you want to install the signed driver.


iKon - Are You Ready?
Brought forth by MSH - the makers of the 'Brain' - the iKon represents a new leap in flybarless control. Bert Kammerer, in cooperation with MSH, worked tirelessly to fine tune the iKon flybarless controller to perfection. Every aspect of firmware has been fine-tuned and optimized, and in the end, we can say this system simply has no equal on the market today. The iKon is ready to change everything. Get ready for the iKon - it's ready for you.

Vibration Resistant - Bad Vibes Goodbye.
Simply put, gyros hate vibration, and when a flybarless system is sensitive to vibration, this has a direct impact on flight performance. The iKon flybarless unit utilizes new vibration dampening technology to isolate vibrations and put them in their place. This results in rock solid flight with nothing but true, direct flight performance that you can see and feel.

Simplified Setup - The Wizard is Here.
Nothing is more irritating, frustrating and time consuming than fumbling with manuals, setup videos and tech help when it comes to proper flybarless setup. No more - the wizard takes control. Utilizing an easy to follow and fuss free setup, the iKon takes a simplified approach to flybarless setup, allowing you to spend less time tuning and more time flying - just the way it should be.

Auto Level Technology - This is It.
That sickening crash can now be put behind you with auto level technology. For anyone still learning the basics, or those pushing new 3D limits, the auto level technology built within the iKon will revolutionize the way you fly, allowing you to push the limits with less risk of crashing. This technology is one of the multiple reasons that make the iKon so special, allowing a recovery from any orientation, no matter if the aircraft is right side up or upside down. Unlike other "bail out" technologies, the iKon "knows" how the aircraft is orientated, allowing a right side up recover every single time.

Satellite & S-Bus Ready - It's Your Choice.
Allowing the convenience of satellite technology, the iKon supports Spektrum DSM2 & DSMX satellite receivers, JR XBus, along with S-Bus technology via Futaba. 

Dimensions: 31.6mm x 19.2mm x 10.7mm (LxWxH) / 13g Weight
Application: 300 size and smaller electric helicopters
Receiver Support: JR XBus / PPM / Futaba S-Bus / Spektrum DSM2 & DSMX Port/ Hitec
Cyclic Servo Support: Up to 560Hz
Tail Servo Support: 760uS/ 1520uS with up to 560Hz Frequency
Features of the Micro iKon Flybarless System:

Micro iKon Flybarless System:

  •  RX support Spektrum DSMX DSM2, Futaba S-BUS S-BUS2 PPM SUM, Graupner Hott Sumd, Multiplex SRXL, JR XBUS B, UDI
  • Self leveling/Rescue
  • Optional Bluetooth module with Android App
  • 3 flight banks. Great for trying new settings, optimizing for diff headspeeds, etc.
  • Pitch Pump. Really helps with micro collective authority making tic tocs much easier, and pop and lock a lot more fun
  • Ability to save and share config files with other pilots
  • Built in flight counter 
  • Full PC interface for configuration. 
  • Support for custom cyclic servos like the blue arrow that require reversing
  • Support for higher end tail servos
  • Superior vibration immunity based on hardware filter technology. Very high tolerance to models that are not so perfect
  • Incredible piro consistency through high speed maneuvers. Piro comp
  • Fully tunable tail including tail precomp, stops etc. the improvement on the tail is profound
  • Easy servo position trimming for the cyclic and tail.
  • Much greater ability to tune and optimize for different blade choices
  • Big firmware improvements over time. A lot of Ikon features coming that work with the uiKon and full size.


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