Goosky Legend S2 Quick Look

Goosky Legend S2 is perhaps a new wind to the heli market, borrowed the concept of micro helicopters with direct drive main motor without any transmission gear and a tail motor to hold the tail instead of traditional torque tube or bell driven system.

Powerful Direct Drive System

The Goosky S2 comes equipped with strong main motor that drives the main rotor directly without any transmission gear. Thus requires a powerful, strong motor, with instant torque yet has to be efficient and lightweight and can withstand crashes. 

Two-piece Canopy Design

Two-piece canopy design allow for better heat dissipation, cooler electronics, long-lasting equippment and as well as much faster battery mounting solution. Batteries can be exchange in matter of seconds with this convenience and clever canopy design.

Rugged servo mount & Stable Rotor Head

S2 comes with one piece CNC Servo mount and reinforced rotor head with two additional links from swashplate, provide stable head stability.

Goosky S2 Gallery

Goosky S2 Unboxing Video

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