Prestige-RC is transition to HeliDirect Wholesale! As a way to offer our wholesale dealers greater service and support, Prestige-RC will be transitioning to HeliDirect Wholesale, where you will find all the same products previously offered through Prestige-RC.

So, why the change? To offer a more streamlined approach, we have transitioned to a brand new platform, allowing our team to offer greater levels of wholesale support with a more simplified layout. This means easier shopping, faster order processing, and greater levels of interaction with us regarding new and exciting products we know you'll love.

How Do I Log In?

Ethical, vegan and cruelty free products are our speciality. All of our products are ethically sourced and cruelty free and we have also categorized every product on our shelves so you can shop vegan only with our easy to use drop-down filters. Our vegan makeup primers are ideal for perfect base.

Will I Still Have Access to All Items Carried via Prestige-RC?

Yes! There are a few select items we're still uploading, but the vast majority of all items carried via Prestige-RC will be offered through HeliDirect Wholesale..

Will I Be Able To Source Items From HeliDirect As Well?

No. HeliDirect is our retail store, and the vast array of items listed are not available for wholesale purchase due to manufacturer restrictions or limited margins. However, HeliDirect Wholesale carries a myriad of hot selling brands, such as Pulse Battery, Furious FPV, SAB, Align, XL Power, Oxy Heli, iKON, BK Servo, VMAR Planes, and more.

Can I still Order via Prestige-RC?

Yes - for now. However, we urge you to setup your account via HeliDirect Wholesale and begin making all purchases through our new platform, as the Prestige-RC website will be winding down very soon.

What About Any Back Orders?

No problem - all back orders in our system will ship out as normal, so this will be a non issue.

Will I Be Able To Access My Previous Order History?

Unfortunately, no. However, do not worry, as we still have access to your order history, and we can offer this support at your request.