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Lightness is goodness! 

Piuma (feather in Italian) is synonymous with light weight. This 700-size model is extraordinarily light. It does not replace the classic RAW 700, but instead, it creates another option for those who do not like crazy head speeds and prefer a precise and original model with a cost effective setup.

All SAB tests were done with the typical 580 setup (4025 motor size). The weight of the PIUMA with 6S-5800 mA/h battery is under 4Kg. This model is comprised of a mix of the parts used in the Raw 700/Raw 580 and Raw 700 nitro. By adding only 3 new new parts, SAB has created this very interesting model.

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SAB Goblin RAW 700 Piuma - HeliDirect

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If you prefer 6S, Piuma can do it all

💥SAB Kraken 580 is also available for preorder💥

SAB introducing the new Kraken 580! This is the already proven design of the existing Kraken 580, but with an awesome new graphic scheme and the new S-line S580 blades. The kraken 580 is also coming late April so Sign up now to get our latest updates

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SAB Goblin Kraken 580 Orange/Blue - HeliDirect

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